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Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home is committed to providing the highest quality health care as well as outstanding service concerning insurance and patient billing. Our team is available to assist you with all the financial aspects of your care.

Physicians Services at Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home:

  • Physicians services provided in the hospital are not included in the hospital charges. Please see our link for a list of the physicians who may provide service at the time of your visit.
  • Physicians who provide services in the hospital may or may not participate with the same health plans as the hospital.
  • For non-emergent services please contact the physician and your health plan to ensure in network benefits.
  • Patients should check with the physician arranging for the hospital services to determine the plans with which the physician participates.

For Billing & Insurance Questions:

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Toll Free1-888-232-5723
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  • Be prepared to make payment at the time of service for co-pays and non-covered services if your insurance company requires a co-pay or out of pocket expense.
  • Communicate with your insurance company to understand your benefits, coverage, limitations and procedures.


  • All patients are responsible for balances due on their accounts and payment is due upon receipt of bill.
  • For any patient that is unable to make payment in full, Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home offers a financial assistance program for income qualified patients and flexible monthly payment arrangements.
  • Any physicians charges are billed separately from the hospital.

Make a payment online by clicking the button below:

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and Other Billing Information

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires all hospitals to publish hospital price information, a list of health plans in which we participate and a list of physician’s who may be treating you that are contracted or employed by Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home.

Average Inpatient DRG

  • It is important to recognize standard charges do not necessarily provide a quote of actual charge, how much it will cost for a specific patient’s care. It also does not account for any patient specific variables in a person’s medical condition, complications, length of stay or other ancillary services that may be required to treat a specific individual’s condition.
  • Standard charges do not provide a guarantee of actual charges or cost of care.
  • Standard charges do not take into consideration applicable insurance or the availability of other potential discounts which may apply.
  • Patients should contact the hospitals financial services department or their respective insurance company for specific information regarding actual out of pocket costs.

Charge Description Master Information for Consideration:

  • The Charge Description Master (CDM) is a comprehensive listing of items at standard charges that may be billed to patients, payers and/or healthcare providers.
  • It is important to recognize standard charges do not necessarily provide a quote of actual charge, how much it will cost for a specific patient’s care. It also does not account for any patient specific variables in a person’s medical condition, complications, length of stay or other ancillary services that may be required to treat a specific individual’s condition.
  • Standard charges do not provide a guarantee of actual charges or cost of care.
  • Standard charges do not take into consideration applicable insurance or the availability of other potential discounts which may apply.
  • Patients should contact the hospitals financial services department or their respective insurance company for specific information regarding actual out of pocket costs.

Out of Network Disclosure:

Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home Disclosure

This is a guide to assist you with verifying available benefits. Since each plan offers many networks, you are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance plan to determine if you may utilize Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home within your network of providers.

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Fidelis
  • American Progressive/Today’s Options
  • Blue Shield of Northeastern NY
  • Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Capital District Physicians Health Plan
  • Mohawk Valley Physicians Health Plan
  • GHI/Emblem
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Pomco
  • 1199 Benefit Fund
  • Tricare
  • Hamaspik
  • Humana

Out of Network and Surprise Bills-Independent Review Resolution-

A surprise bill is a bill received by an insured for services rendered at our facility by an out of network physician where a network physician is unavailable or the patient had no knowledge that the physician was out of network, or did not consent to the referral of the out of network physician; or an uninsured patient who did not receive the required disclosures.

Patients who receive out of network emergency physician bills should not have to pay more than their usual in-network cost sharing and/or copayment amounts, regardless of the network status of the physician. Similarly, patients who receive out of network non-emergency services because there were no adequate in-network physicians available, or because they received a referral to an out of network provider without the proper disclosures, will not have to pay more than their usual in-network co-pay/cost-sharing.

The law establishes a dispute resolution mechanism (Independent Review Resolution) for patients, plans and physicians who disagree about out of network reimbursement for “surprise bills” and emergency services. As part of the IDR entity’s review, the IDR will consider, among other things, whether there is a “gross disparity” between the fee charged by the physician as compared to other fees paid to similarly qualified non-par physicians in the same region, the level of training, education and experience of the physician, and the circumstances and complexity of the case, including the time and place of the services.  Decisions by the IDR entity must be made within 30 days of the dispute’s submission.

If you feel you are receiving a “Surprise Bill” for services that you were unaware were out of network and wish to discuss the review process please contact the physician’s office directly. For a formal independent review you may contact the regions Independent Review Resolution contractor.

Physicians who may deliver care at Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home

Employed Medical Staff:

These employed physicians utilize the same insurance networks as listed above for Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home.  Each may be reached at the telephone number listed or by mail at 99 E. State Street, Gloversville NY 12078.

Download List of Medical Staff

Contracted  or Physicians with Privileges:

These contracted physicians or physicians with privileges below operate independently from Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home and negotiate their own contracts with insurance carriers. You are strongly encouraged to contact your insurance plan to determine if the providers below are part of your network of participating physicians.

Gloversville Emergency Medicine Services, PC
P.O. Box 731584
Dallas TX 75373-1584
(888) 703-3301
Gloversville Physician Medicine Services, PC
4849 Greenville Ave, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75206-9805
(518) 775-4264
Millennium Medical Imaging
P.O. Box 130
Latham, NY 12110
(518) 786-1291
Lee, Jungeun Jay MD
P.O. Box 363
Latham, NY 12110
(800) 235-0045
Mohawk Valley Orthopedics
434 S. Kingsboro Ave Suite 102
Johnstown, NY 12095
(518) 773-4242
Cardiology Associates of Schenectady
2546 Balltown Rd Suite 300
Schenectady, NY 12309
(518) 773-2303
Hassam, Akber MD
2 Fon Clair Terrace
Johnstown, NY 12095
(518) 762-8898
Keshava, H B MD
1185 County Highway 122
Gloversville, NY 12078
(518) 752-5160

Price Transparency

Thank you for your interest in understanding more about hospital charges. Please see our Disclosure on Price Transparency.

Financial Assistance at Nathan Littauer

Nathan Littauer Hospital recognizes that there are times when patients in need of care will have difficulty paying for the services provided. Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Financial Assistance Program provides discounts to qualifying individuals based on income. If you have any questions, please call 518-773-5558.

In addition to financial assistance, we can help you apply for free or low-cost insurance if you qualify. Please contact our Facilitated Enroller at (518) 775-4092 or visit our care coordination suite for confidential assistance.

Notice: Starting January 1, 2022:

Consumers will have new billing protections when getting emergency care, non-emergency care from out-of-network providers at in-network facilities, and air ambulance services from out-of-network providers. Through new rules provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which are aimed to protect consumers; excessive out-of-pocket costs will be restricted, and emergency services must continue to be covered without any prior authorization, and regardless of whether or not a provider or facility is in-network. Read more here.

Download the NLH Financial Assistance Brochure (PDF) ▼

Nathan Littauer’s Financial Assistance Policy

Nathan Littauer’s Financial Assistance Summary

Apply Now Using Nathan Littauer’s Financial Assistance Application

Download the NLH Financial Assistance Application and Instructions
[Spanish] (PDF) ▼

Read our Financial Assistance Program Policy Statement above, download and print the application and instructions .pdf below, and return to Nathan Littauer Hospital.

Policy Statement:

The hospital, as a provider of emergency and medically necessary care, has a mission and a responsibility to provide such care to those patients in need. It is the practice of the hospital that the fear of a hospital bill should not prevent a potential patient from receiving essential health services. The hospital will maintain financial assistance policies that are consistent with its mission and values, taking into account each patient’s ability to pay for services while considering the hospitals financial ability to provide care.

In an effort to ensure that Nathan Littauer Hospital provides health care services to the sick and afflicted regardless of ability to pay, we have adopted a standard Financial Assistance Program. Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home will make available Financial Assistance Program to our Primary Service Area, which is defined by the following counties, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Montgomery and Saratoga. The Financial Assistance Program is part of Nathan Littauer Hospital’s overall Financial Counseling and training curriculum, which in part educates our staff to identify patients that can benefit from our Financial Counseling services and Financial Assistance. Our Financial Counseling and Financial Assistance Program Policies will assist Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home in promoting financial health, which enables us to continue our mission of providing high quality of health and wellness services and improving the health of our communities in a caring, contemporary environment.


  1. Financial Assistance –a Nathan Littauer Hospital program through which medically necessary and preventative services are provided at a reduced cost or without charge when it has been determined that payment for those services cannot be obtained through insurance, outside agencies, or private means. No one will be denied access to an emergency medical screening or necessary medical services due to inability to pay. All patients are encourage to apply for financial assistance to receive a discounted/sliding fee schedule is available based upon family size and income.
  2. Financial Counseling– a process of working together with our patients in a compassionate and caring manner to identify options for resolving their Nathan Littauer Hospital financial obligations.
  3. Guarantor– A guarantor is a person age 18 or over, regardless of marital status, who has legal financial responsibility for services provided to him/her and/or his/her legal minor children.
  4. Household– includes the following people living in the same home:
      •  Guarantor
      • Guarantor’s spouse
      • Guarantor’s children/minor dependents and step-children (i.e. children living with grandparents that are legal guardians)
      • Guarantor’s unmarried partner, if they have a child(ren) in common. If they have a child(ren)in common, the unmarried partner’s child(ren) from previous relationships also qualify if living in the home
      • A household does not include any of the following people:
      • Roommates, extended family members, such as aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, etc.
      • The Guarantor’s unmarried partner, if they don’t have a child together, nor the unmarried partner’s other child(ren) from a previous relationship
  1. Income– Total receipts before taxes, from all sources, including wages, self- employment income, retirement, workers compensation, strike benefits, alimony, child support, military allotments, dividends, interest and rent.
  2. Medical Necessity– Medically necessary care is the care that, in the opinion of the treating physician/clinician, is reasonably needed:
      • To prevent the onset or worsening of an illness, condition, or disability;
      • To establish a diagnosis;
      • To provide palliative, curative or restorative treatment for physical, behavioral and/or mental health conditions; and/or
      • To assist the individual to achieve or maintain functional capacity in performing daily functional capacities that are appropriate for individuals of the same age.

Each service must be performed in accordance with standards of medical practice generally accepted at the time the services are rendered. Each service must be sufficient in amount, duration, and scope to reasonably achieve its purpose.

Financial Assistance Overview:

  1. Financial Assistance is secondary to all other financial resources available to the patient, including but not limited to insurance, third party liability payers, government programs, and outside agency programs.
  2. Financial Assistance is granted for medically necessary and preventative services only.
  3. Financial Assistance determination and approval process will be the same regardless of the amount of the patient’s balance.
  4. Patients may apply for Financial Assistance before, during, or after treatment or at any time during the billing and collection process.
  5. Signage and brochures have been developed to inform patients about Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Financial Counseling Programs and Financial Assistance Program. These must be placed at all appropriate access areas, including registration areas.

Financial Assistance Program Eligibility and Determination:

  1. The provision of necessary healthcare shall never be delayed by an assistance determination. Emergency care should never be delayed by requests for financial or other information regarding ability to pay.
  2. Financial Assistance is not granted for elective cosmetic surgery or other special situations, such as that of an individual who is eligible for insurance or government programs but has refused to apply.
  3. Requests for Financial Assistance may be made at any point before, during or after the provision of care. Anyone seeking Financial Assistance will be given an application. Financial Assistance Program requests may be proposed by sources other than the patient, such as the patient’s physician, family members, social services, or hospital personnel. Pending final eligibility determination, Nathan Littauer Hospital will not initiate collection efforts or requests for deposits provided that the responsible party is cooperative with Nathan Littauer Hospital’s efforts to get payment from other sources. If initial screening does not disqualify someone for the Financial Assistance Program they will be given an application, which includes instructions on how to apply.
  4. Consideration for the Financial Assistance Program will occur once a completed application has been submitted to Nathan Littauer Hospital.
  5. Consideration for the Financial Assistance Program includes a review of the responsible party’s annual household income and the number of people in the home. Subject to any governmental requirements securable assets (including primary residence, family’s primary mode of transportation, and retirement accounts), special medical costs, reasonable living expenses, credit history, existing debt, and other indicators of the party’s ability to pay will not be utilized in making a determination of eligibility.
  6. Financial Assistance shall be granted to all applicants whose annual incomes fall at or below 100% of the current Federal Poverty Levels. Financial Assistance Program may also be awarded to applicants whose annual income falls at or below 300% of current Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Assets will not be considered for these applicants.
  7. The Federal Poverty Levels will be revised in conjunction with the FPL updates published by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Percentage Federal Poverty LevelPercentage of Financial Assistance
  1. Acceptable verification of income includes proof of all income for the past 4 weeks, including payroll stubs, Social Security or unemployment benefits, brokerage account statements; most recent year’s tax return. An Income Statement for self-employed applicants is required.
  2. Nathan Littauer Hospital will return to the responsible party written notice of its assistance determinations within 30 calendar days of receiving a completed Financial Assistance Program Application. This notification will include the level of reduction and reasonable payment arrangements consistent with the responsible party’s ability to pay.[1] Denials will include the reason for denial and instructions for appeal or reconsideration.
  3. If an incomplete application is returned to Nathan Littauer Hospital, a letter will be sent to the responsible party explaining what is required. The incomplete Financial Assistance Program Application will be pended for 30 days awaiting receipt of requested additional information.
  4. Accounts in collection may be eligible for Financial Assistance for the following reason(s):
      • A completed application is received within the specified 240 days from first billing statement.
  5. Nathan Littauer Hospital will keep all Financial Assistance Program Applications and supporting documentation confidential. Nathan Littauer Hospital may, at its own expense, request a credit report to further verify the information on the applications. Conflicting information between the credit report and the application may result in a denial or request for additional information.
  6. A responsible party may be considered for Financial Assistance without a completed Financial Assistance Program Application if sufficient information can be obtained that allows for final determination.


The responsible party may appeal the determination of eligibility for Financial Assistance by submitting in writing additional information, such as income verification or an explanation of extenuating circumstances, to the Patient Financial Services Manager within 45 days of the denial notification. The Patient Financial Services Manager will review all appeals and make a final determination. If this determination affirms the previous denial of Financial Assistance, written notification will be sent to the responsible party. Collection follow-up on accounts will be pended during the appeal process.

Other Providers:

Nathan Littauer Hospital’s decision to provide Financial Assistance in no way affects the responsible party’s financial obligations to physicians or other health care providers not employed by the hospital.

Collection Policies:

  1. After Financial Assistance adjustments has been computed and applied, the remaining balances will be treated in accordance with Patient Financial Services policies regarding self pay balances.

Revised 11/10/2023