Nursing Home

What People Say

Every day, we receive comments from our residents. Here are some of the positive things our residents say about us:

Resident Comments:

“Carl, CNA knows more than the doctor does and when he shows the newcomers he explains things very well to them and in a nice voice. He’s very kind. If you need help he’s right there. He’s top shelf.”

-Bernard, Resident

“Jennifer, CNA and Melissa, CNA are good with me and work well with me. I feel they do more than they have to.”

-Thomas, Resident

“Carl, CNA, Erica, CNA and Bill, PT, these three people are very caring and very good with all of the residents and very kind to family members.”

-Elizabeth, Resident

“Kelly, CNA gives good care and is very pleasant.”

-Theresa, Resident

“I am happy with all of the care that I get from everyone here for such a busy place. The care is excellent.”

-Pauline, Resident

“Recreation does a nice job with our bingo, trips, dinner outings and music entertainment. I think they are real nice and friendly.”

-Pauline, Resident

“The Management have been respectful and kind in all ways to me in the two and a half years I have been here.”

-Pauline, Resident

“The CNA’s are very good to me as well as the Nurses. They are so busy and have to work hard to take care of me and everyone else.”

-Pauline, Resident

“All of the staff come to my aide, I like them all.”

-June, Resident

“Gail Marsh, SW does a good job, responds and listens.”

-June, Resident

“Marsha, LPN always has a smile.”

-Ruth, Resident

“Marsha, LPN always gives me medicine on time and is really nice.”

-Mary, Resident

“I think all the Therapists do a good job, in fact an excellent job. They do an awful lot and they have a wonderful disposition. I believe the RN’s and LPN’s do an excellent job.”

-Christina, Resident

“Kelly, CNA and Corinne, CNA do things the way they should be done, that is the right way.”

-Pauline, Resident

Family Comments:

“Michael, LPN goes above and beyond his work duties and Colleen, CNA is always cheerful and willing to help.”

-Dorothy, Family Member

“Mom enjoys the therapy group. Because she is hard of hearing they go out of their way to speak to her so she understands.”

-Joan, Family Member

“Melissa, CNA is always there for Mom. Mom said she is like a grand daughter, always smiling and very caring.”

-Joan, Family Member

“Melissa, CNA and Colleen, CNA, no matter how busy they are they always take time to help, even if it isn’t their resident that day.”

-Kathy, Family Member

“All of the people in therapy do an excellent job. Mom is hard of hearing and they do a great job with her. She enjoys everyone.”

-Joan, Family Member

“We are pleased that our Mom is able to attend mass and gets to eat in the dining room with her friends.”

-Ginny & Red, Family Members

“Your PT staff is fantastic. All are concerned and very helpful and knowledgeable.”

-Dean, Family Member

“All do a great job and do their jobs so well from the highest person on the ladder to the newest. Thank you so much!”

-Dean, Family Member

“Great job in caring for people, Thank you.”

-Karen, Family Member

“Staff as a whole have been very open and supportive. I am very comfortable having my Husband in their care.”

-Mildred, Family Member

“Kelly, CNA, My Aunt loves her. She is on her team.”

-Michael, Family Member

“Gail, SW is great.”

-Bill, Family Member

“The Housekeeping and laundry staff are very conscientious and do an excellent job. The Nutritional Services Department has been very accommodating with changing menus to suit my Husband’s needs. Programs with music are most enjoyable for my Husband.”

-Rose, Family Member

“My mother tells me repeatedly how good everyone is to her.”

-Beth, Family Member

“The Rehab staff is fantastic.”

-Dean, Family Member

“They care for her well. Leslie Beadle, Administrator always has time for us.”

-Natalie, Family Member

“I live 250 miles away, whenever I have visited or called, I have been treated with courtesy and respect. All of the staff are very kind.”

-Mary, Family Member

“I don’t know the names of all of the staff members but Mom likes all of them, they are all friendly and helpful.”

-Joseph, Family Member

“All are friendly and make her stay pleasant. Lauren Brown, Finance has been very helpful.”

-Joseph, Family Member

“Mom enjoys PT and looks forward to it.”

-Linda, Family Member

“Vince is a very dedicated therapist and is always there to help you any way he can. He is not only good at his job but friendly and helpful. Carl, CNA is not only good at his job but friendly and helpful.”

-Dottie, Family Member

“Jennifer, CNA is outstanding and nothing is ever a problem.”

-Jane, Family Member

“Colleen, CNA and Lori, UA go out of their way to make my mother feel safe, comfortable and happy.”

-JoAnne, Family Member