About the Nathan Littauer Foundation

We are here when you need us.  Every hour, every day of the year, the Littauer Family of Health Services is ready to take care of you. It is a tremendous responsibility that involves hundreds of people, but we are up to the task. As Fulton County’s only hospital, we are prepared to treat anyone who needs us, regardless of their ability to pay.

Over the years, the generosity of our friends in the community has enabled us to continue providing the very best service and an extra measure of commitment to our patients. We invite you to join them today by making a tax deductible gift to the Nathan Littauer Foundation.

Your tax-deductible gift can honor that special doctor, nurse, or other caregiver who made a difference during your time with us. The gift will recognize your commitment to exceptional care, and he or she will receive a special letter notifying them of your gift.

You have benefited from the generosity of past patients, and now I hope you will honor that special person while helping us to provide the very best medical care to more patients just like you. Please download our Grateful Patient Program brochure.