Rehabilitative Medicine

We offer a full complement of one-on-one rehabilitation services with NYS licensed professionals:

  • Physical Therapy - our Physical Therapists hold advanced training in contemporary techniques, are passionate about helping patients recover from acute injury, and utilize a rehabilitation system used by professional athletes.
  • Sports Rehab – we are an active participant in the Stop Sports Injuries campaign and partner with local schools to educate and prevent athletic overuse and trauma injuries in our youth.
  • Occupational Therapy – specializing in all upper extremity dysfunctions (including pain symptoms, nerve injuries, fine motor dysfunction, neurological and orthopedic disorders).
  • Speech and Language Disorders – our Speech and Language Therapist(s) diagnose and treat disorders of speech, voice and language, and thoroughly evaluate swallowing difficulties.
  • Lymphedema – special massage and bandaging techniques to promote a healthy lymphatic system and reduce the swelling in various parts of the body (often used for cancers and other immune system disorders).
  • Massage Therapy – our massage therapists are trained in several modalities to improve circulation, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and improve healing.

If you are limited by pain in anyway, we can help! A physician’s referral is needed for all services listed (except massage therapy). For questions related to our services, please reach us at (518) 773-5541. To schedule an initial appointment, please call the Patient Access Scheduling line at (518) 775-4250.