Littauer provides emergency care to pregnant mom

Littauer provides emergency care to pregnant mom

Hospital Care Apprecaited

Letter to the Editor, The Leader Herald

First published in print Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is a letter of praise and a story about Fulton County at its finest. This is a letter of appreciation to Northampton Ambulance and Nathan Littauer Hospital.

Our twin grandsons were delivered three months prematurely with an emergency Caesarean section on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 9. Our daughter was on vacation, visiting us from out of state.

We wish to thank the entire staff of Nathan Littauer Hospital. The twins and our daughter are doing very well. Thank you to everyone at Nathan Littauer Hospital. Your coordination with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit teams from the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center was seamless. The staff at Nathan Littauer Hospital treated all of us with compassion, understanding and expert care. We are grateful to the admitting staff and to the nurses who recognized our anxieties, made us comfortable and kept us informed. Seeing those tiny babies as soon as they were born was a treasure we will keep in our hearts.

We are extremely grateful to the doctors and nurses who skillfully coached our daughter through her labor, delivery and post-surgical care. Your professional efforts brought a successful ending to a traumatic experience.