Littauer announces Sue Turner as Employee of the Quarter

Littauer announces Sue Turner as Employee of the Quarter

When Sue Turner went to the Goodwill Employee of the Quarter Celebration she thought her daughter was receiving the award. Therefore, when Mr. Kelly announced her name she stated, “I was surprised!”

Sue has been an OB nurse at Littauer for 26 years. Simply put, she has dedicated her working life to delivering babies. At the hospital she is a trusted leader, and serves as a preceptor. One of the team members who nominated her said, “She really makes us all look really, really good.” Another said, “She is also a strong patient advocate.”

Sue accepts the award as Employee of the Quarter.

Sue responds to the award with a simple statement: “I love my job.” She added, “The best part of my job is helping women through labor. I frequently run into women who I have helped through their delivery. That is very rewarding. It is humbling to be a part of such an intimate process. The team I work with makes everyday exciting and fun.”

Thank you, Sue.