Radiology Revolution Launched

Radiology Revolution Launched

Littauer’s successful new micro site

eases fear of diagnostic procedures.

The Radiology Revolution is underway!

Gloversville, NY…If you scan the web you will see thousands of admissions: “I’m having my first MRI tomorrow I’M SCARED!” and “I am afraid of that dye for the CT scan.” or “Am I the only one who is scared to have an MRI?” and “I am 15 years old and I have to have an ultrasound. What are ultrasounds and what are they like?” or “I’m having my first mammogram tomorrow and I’m really scared. I’ve heard some women say it’s painful.” And there are countless more anonymous confessions. According to Patrice McMahon, Vice President of Primary Care Services for Nathan Littauer Hospital, “Doctors have so many diagnostic tools available to them and they are so effective in diagnosing disease. Unfortunately ordering a test may strike fear into even the savviest patient.” McMahon, added, “And these admissions of fear are not typically heard during a doctor’s visit.” According to Cheryl McGrattan Hospital spokesperson, “We found that people are not only afraid of the test results but of the procedure itself. When I heard a nurse practitioner state that she was nervous about her upcoming MRI, I knew Nathan Littauer’s diagnostic team could play a central role in alleviating patient concern.”

The answer? In 3 short months the hospital developed a new microsite aimed at subsiding fear while touting their diagnostic capabilities: It is a site developed specifically for patients and doctors. Patients can read a patient story, ask a question, do some research and they can even see an exam. They can “meet” the technicians; they can learn about how a radiologist is trained, see the equipment and meet the radiologists at Nathan Littauer Hospital. “I think the most useful piece of the site is the videos.” stated Cheryl McGrattan. The site has 9 of the most popular diagnostic exams available to view. Each bears a title such as: “A CT scan. What to expect.” The doctor portal allows practitioners to read up on all the hospital’s capabilities, see where exams can be fulfilled and link directly to the Diagnostic Imaging Team. The site also has hyperlinks to frequently used physician and patient resources.

A site for anyone who needs a diagnostic test

The goal? “The goal is to create an information portal” explains Cheryl McGrattan. Mike McBiles, MD was recently named the head of the Diagnostic Team at Littauer. He states, “I’ve worked many places in the U.S. and I can honestly say Nathan Littauer is state-of-the-art.” He added, “I am thrilled to have this tool available to not only our patients and doctors but for anyone who would like more information about their exam. This team and this equipment is worth bragging about.”

Department Secretary Priscilla Pearson, a Diagnostic Imaging Team member for 22 years, is excited about this tool stating, “Patients come in and do not understand what is going to happen to them. They ask if they are going to need an injection for a dexa scan. They do not know what the equipment looks like.” She states, “The videos on Radiology Revolution are my favorite part. It does not look so scary when you can actually see it.”

“We have made significant investment in our diagnostic capabilities, spending almost 3.5 million since 2008.” stated Hospital President and CEO Laurence E. Kelly. “We have big city technology right here in Fulton County.” “Unfortunately,” he admits, “all the investment in the world does not do any good if someone is too afraid to go.” He added, “We even have a regular x-ray on Radiology Revolution- which is great for children to watch.” He concludes, “Our physicians or any physician for that matter will now be able to say, ‘I am sending you for PET SCAN, if you would like to see what the exam is like log onto radiology’”.

According to Ms. McGrattan, “Microsites are very useful. Hospital websites can be huge and daunting. Radiology Revolution supplements our primary website:, and allows us to focus on one thing: our fantastic diagnostic imaging capabilities.” The hospital also launched series of teaser billboards, explaining, “We can see right through you-”

Susan Kiernan Vice President of Development notes, “We do not want this tool to be limited to just our patients.” The site has been well received by physicians from around the region. Michael Katz, MD a family Practitioner from East Greenbush heard about the website and said, “I will use the site for my patients.”

According to Susan Kiernan, “The site is a huge success.” When the hospital loaded the videos on to You Tube they immediately started to get hits. She added, “I was amazed. People are hungry and clamoring for this information. We have gotten 1107 hits on these videos.” She concludes, “I am thrilled the world is using this tool.”




Nathan Littauer Hospital and Family of Health Services serves Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton Counties Upstate New York with a full-service 74-bed hospital, eight primary care centers, 84-bed nursing home and a community education center. The hospital opened 116 years ago, has 950 employees and recently opened a new Birthing Center. The hospital also opened a new Emergency Care Center this spring.

The Radiology Revolution is underway!