Stewart’s to give comfort to NLH

Stewart’s to give comfort to NLH

Littauer to rock more children to sleep

Stewarts provides money for new rockers

Gloversville, NY…The Stewart’s Holiday Match Program recently awarded $3,432 to Nathan Littauer Hospital. “This was a timely gift; one we will use immediately to purchase four rocker/gliders.” stated Susan Kiernan, Vice President of Development. Providing the check was Sarah Baker of Stewart’s.

The gliders will be used in Pediatrics and in the New Birthing Center. “Children, whether they are newborns or sick, love to be rocked,” stated Susan Kiernan. “Sometimes in healing, the simplest things can have the greatest impact. That is surely the case with these rockers.”

“It is a beautiful thing to see a baby rocked to sleep.” Kim Colvin manager of Littauer’s New Birthing Center and Pediatric unit explained. She added, “We are so grateful for the generosity of Stewart’s Holiday Match Program.”