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11.11.11 Family welcomes a little girl with a special birthday

Nathan Littauer Welcomes 11/11/11 baby!

Jazlyn was born on 11/11/11

Family welcomes a little girl with a special birthday

November 11, 2011…It will be a unique identity for little Jazlyn Castrello whose birthday is now 11/11/11. Jennifer Castrello gave birth to the little girl at Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Birthing Center at 3:14 am this morning. This afternoon, baby, mother and father, Julio Castrello, all from Amsterdam were resting comfortably. Jazlyn is 8 pounds 7 ounces, twenty one inches long and aside from having a lucky birthday she is after all, simply beautiful.

Besides being born on Veterans Day, today is a rare numerical phenomenon, 11/11/11. “Some call this the luckiest date of the century as it is the only date with identical digits and only occurs every 100 years.” stated Susan Kiernan, Hospital Vice President of Development. 11/11/11 is the ultimate palindrome date- meaning it reads the same forward as it reads backwards. She added, “We are very happy for this family. Everyone is doing very well”. Sue Kiernan concludes, “In all, we may have four 111111 babies as we are very busy in our birthing center today.”