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Littauer’s “Walking Track Challenge” winners announced

Marion Enright walked 239.5 miles winning first place!

Marion Enright walked 239.5 miles winning first place!

In an employee gathering last week, Nathan Littauer’s Courtesy Council announced the winners of the Walking Track Challenge. The new initiative encouraged Littauer employees to walk and log their mileage from May 7th through August 31, 2012. Employees walked on the hospital’s walking track. Staff members who are located off- campus participated by setting up their own walking circuit around their primary care centers. “We want to create an atmosphere of health for our employees.” stated Bob Shwajlyk, one of the members of the Courtesy Council. He added, “We were surprised at how many people participated. And each week the mileage just kept creeping up.”

The first place winner of in the individual category is Marion Enright who walked 239.5 miles. “That is like walking from NLH to Boston and then some!” stated Hospital Spokesperson Cheryl McGrattan. Marion works at Littauer’s Emergency Department. The team with the highest mileage was the Mayfield Magnolias team who walked a total of 1,233 miles. In all, 128 people participated logging a total of 4,800 miles.

 The hospital might repeat the program next spring. The hospital has a walking track located directly on campus, around the helipad. There is plenty of parking and is open to the public.