Medical technology professionals from across the nation converge to learn new advancements in medical technology from Nathan Littauer Hospital

Medical technology professionals from across the nation converge to learn new advancements in medical technology from Nathan Littauer Hospital

Peer-to-peer medical information technology meeting

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012

Place: Nathan Littauer Hospital

Nathan Littauer has been chosen to host and teach at a gathering of national medical technologists at an upcoming MUSE International event. Littauer staff will be addressing pertinent issues affecting both clinical and financial operations relating to Medical Information Technology. Electronic medical records and MEDITECH is the standard most hospitals use in their medical information systems and it is used in health care organizations throughout the world. This enables health care providers to track a patient’s history and/or monitor ongoing treatment of chronic health problems. Providers are afforded immediate access to patients’ medical records, which can be used to devise treatments. Moshgan Jones, an International Board Member of MUSE International and Littauer’s Senior Clinical Analyst states, “Meetings like this allow us to exchange information and ideas from peers from around the nation.” She added, “It is all about better patient care.”

The presentations at Littauer will feature a unique ‘hands-on’ experience that begins by registering a test patient and then following it through the multiple steps and how interdepartmental communications have been solved. Alicia Roberts, Director of Education and Marketing at MUSE explains, “We’re so thrilled that Nathan Littauer is hosting this unique event. It provides a wonderful opportunity for our members to interact and share tips, tricks and experiences with one another. As healthcare IT improvement has become a top priority during the last few years, it’s even more valuable to be able to provide this program.”

Two tracks are being offered. Track One will be Healthcare Trends and the Revenue Cycle and the second will address The Fully Integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Record). The session will also include roundtable discussions. Facilitated by Littauer’s staff Ron Kilmer, Patient Services Manager and Moshgan Jones, Senior Clinical Analyst Nathan Littauer presenters will include:

  • Dr. Todd Duthaler, Chief of Emergency Medicine
  • Robert Stankes, Chief Pharmacist
  • Diane Graudons, MIS MEDITECH support of financial
  • Stacey Palmer, Registration manager, ADM & SCH
  • Judy Cetnar, Manager HIM, ABS
  • Gus Sacerio, Manager PFS, BAR
  • Martin Brown, Chief Information Officer
  • Tara Kean, Director Blood Bank
  • Georgeanna Dubois, Clinical Application Coordinator

The organization presenting the conference is the Medical Users Software Exchange (MUSE). The group is a community of MEDITECH users and related professionals who interact to learn and share their knowledge and experience. Through MUSE, members network, solve problems, identify best practices, and improve performance for their organizations. They endeavor to be the leading source of networking and education for professionals using the MEDITECH system. In 1983, a small group of users met to discuss issues related to their MEDITECH healthcare information system. The meeting was productive and it was determined that the creation of a user group, – and regular meetings – would be beneficial. So began the Medical Users Software Exchange, or MUSE. Now with hundreds of hospitals worldwide, MUSE is growing.