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Nathan Littauer employees raise money for Fulmont Action Agency

Nathan Littauer raised $4,800 this year in their annual basket raffle for Fulmont. Now in its 12th year, Littauer has donated over $40,000 to the agency.

The Fulmont Community Action Agency announced today a donation they received from Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home. A check in the amount of $4,800.00 was presented to Denis E. Wilson, Sr., Executive Director of the Fulmont Community Action Agency, Inc., during a short presentation at the hospital last month.

In response to the donation, Mr. Wilson said, “I would like to thank the employees of Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home for their continuing generosity to our agency, as well as the Courtesy Council for organizing this event again this year.” The project called “Kozy Coats” is an initiative of the hospital’s Courtesy Council and it includes a basket raffle in which all proceeds are donated to Fulmont Community Action Agency, Inc., Community Services division. Over 25 different departments each donated baskets this year. In turn, the proceeds are used to buy outer wear for local children. Last year, their efforts clothed 142 children. Susan Kiernan, Vice President of Development stated, “Our employees always make such creative and generous donations to this community. They are remarkable. As an entirely- led initiative, their support of our community should be commended.”

Now in its twelfth year, Nathan Littauer’s Kozy Coat project has raised over $40,000 since its inception. “The numbers are staggering.” said Hospital Spokesperson, Cheryl McGrattan. “The employees are beyond generous, giving large ticket items for the raffle. And they have fun doing it.”

“Fulmont depends on the kindness and generosity of donors such as Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home to continue to provide quality services to low income families in our community,” said Denis Wilson. “On behalf of the hundreds of children who have reaped the benefits of the Kozy Coats Program over the years, I’d like to thank you all for your kindness.”