Nathan Littauer Hosted Celebration for Breastfeeding Families

Nathan Littauer Hosted Celebration for Breastfeeding Families

The Road to Lifelong Health Begins with Breastfeeding

Gloversville, NY…Last night, Nathan Littauer hosted a celebration in honor of 2012 World Breastfeeding Week. Nancy Quinlan, an International Board Certificated Lactation Consultant at Littauer explains, “We held the celebration to support breastfeeding families. The event was such a huge success. Women who were interested in learning more about breastfeeding also stopped by.” She added, “There is support for every family who decides to breastfeed.” Nancy believes the road to lifelong health is not one for mothers and babies to travel alone. “Successful breastfeeding begins with support of families, health care providers, governments, employers and communities,” said Nancy. She concluded, “That is why we held this celebration. To show families there is a tremendous amount of support for breastfeeding in our community.”

Left, Stefanie Soto and her baby Lydia Soto and Jessica Herishko and her baby Ezekiel Herishko celebrated breastfeeding at Nathan Littauer.


The event: “Sweet Celebration of Breastfeeding 2012” was attended by over 45 people including entire families. Cheryl McGrattan noted, “It was such a nice family atmosphere.” Anyone who is interested in breastfeeding for themselves or for someone close to them is encouraged to call 773-5710.