Nathan Littauer receives DNV accreditation

Nathan Littauer receives DNV accreditation

New quality- based system focuses upon quality management

Nathan Littauer Hospital announced today that it has achieved national accreditation from DNV Healthcare. DNV Healthcare is the newest hospital accreditation service recognized by Medicare. Littauer decided to partner with DNV (which stands for Det Norske Veritas) to be a part of their prestigious National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations (NIAHO) hospital accreditation program. Littauer received a surprise audit from the organization earlier this year and as a result they are now fully accredited.

Dr. Goldberg, Cheif Medical Officer at Littauer and Diane Swartz , Director of Performance Improvement review their new DNV standards

“The new accreditation program better reflects our long-term commitment to patient safety and is a measurement of our efficiency, services and operations. The system allows for continual system improvements.” explained Laurence E. Kelly Hospital President and CEO. He added, “The accreditation is more strident. Yet, they have a very practical approach to healthcare.”

Diane Swartz, Littauer’s Director of Performance Improvement explains, “Accreditation is important because it confirms that Nathan Littauer is meeting Medicare and Medicaid’s standards in providing healthcare services. DNV applies ISO (international Organization for Standardization) 9001 Quality Management System standards which are integrated into the DNV Accreditation.

ISO 9001 is recognized by businesses around the world as the benchmark for continual quality improvement. Innovative hospitals have started embracing ISO as a way to identify and focus on the most successful approaches to improve patient care, safety, the patient experience and other critical aspects of running a modern hospital.

DNV is a 145 year-old company based in Norway. They recently received deeming authority from CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to start conducting services in the United States. Nathan Littauer, always on the forefront of better patient care secured their services in January.

“This change is important to Nathan Littauer because ISO ensures we are taking all the necessary steps to deliver effective, compassionate and safe healthcare to our patients.” said Diane Swartz. She concluded, “At our core is Littauer’s unwavering commitment to patient care. This accreditation process is proof of that commitment and that we are willing to set the bar even higher.”