Nathan Littauer readies for hurricane Sandy: A lesson in preparedness

Nathan Littauer readies for hurricane Sandy: A lesson in preparedness

“We practice all year long for any type of emergency”

While the East Coast braces for Hurricane Sandy, Nathan Littauer’s preparedness is grounded in year-long drills and tests. Joe Slovak, Safety Officer for the hospital states, “It is business as usual at the hospital”.

Tim Forte, Director of the Nutritional Services Team checks drinking water supplies ahead of the storm.

The hospital is preparing for three things: Loss of electricity, high winds and staff who may not be able to get to work. “We are prepared for all three.” stated Mr. Slovak adding, “The hospital has plans in place for all these events and more.”  Mr.  Slovak has been sending out weather alerts to staff twice a day since last week.

Since last week the engineering team has been preparing for the storm. The hospital ran a successful generator check at 7:45 this morning. The hospital has three generators. The hospital checks all generators the first Thursday of the month, but the hospital ran a special test this morning. “All went smoothly.” stated David Bruhns Engineering Director for Littauer. The engineering team also has walked the rooftops and secured outside items.

The Engineering Team at NLH checks the generators ahead of the storm

The nursing team is reviewing their staffing plans. Last year Nathan Littauer received patients from St. Mary’s Hospital when flooding became an issue for theMontgomeryCountyhospital. They will be ready to do the same this year as well.

All surgeries for the hospital are going on as planned.

“The Emergency Department by nature is ready for any type of event”. Explained Bonnie Looman, Emergency Department Manager adding, “We can always activate one of our plans if we need to. Right now we are all set and we are ready if we need to go further.”

Time Forte, Director of Nutritional Services checked their water supplies this morning and has 96 hours of food on hand. The Nutritional Services Department also has a disaster plan and if activated, is guaranteed to receive a shipment of food within 24 hours.