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Nathan Littauer announcing new visitation rules in response to influenza

Gloversville, NY…- Nathan Littauer Hospital, is announcing new rules for anyone visiting in-patients in the hospital.  This is part of an inter-departmental effort to thwart the spread of the flu. Terri Intilli Klausner, MS, FNP-BC and Infection Control Preventionist who works for Nathan Littauer as their Manager of Infection Control and Employee Health states, “Like other hospitals in the region during this time of high risk and in order to protect our patients from flu and other infectious diseases, we have implemented new visitation restrictions.”

Those restrictions include:

  1. No children 12 years or younger
  2. No visitors with respiratory symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, cough, and shortness of breath, rash or diarrhea
  3. Only 2 visitors will be permitted per patient in a room at one time

Cheryl McGrattan, spokesperson for the hospital notes, “It is important to note that these rules are in effect for anyone visiting our hospital hoping to see a patient in one of our in-patient rooms. It does not pertain to anyone who requires outpatient services like an x-ray or laboratory tests.” She added, “Our top priority is to protect our patients while also serving as a community health advocate to contain this flu outbreak.”