Regional Hospitals Together Sign Consensus Requiring Employee Vaccinations

Regional Hospitals Together Sign Consensus Requiring Employee Vaccinations

An excerpt from the approved regional hospital’s consensus:

COVID-19 Vaccination Consensus Statement

The hospitals within the Capital Region are committed to the safety of our patients, staff and our community. As such, we believe that all healthcare workers (employees, students, credentialed staff and volunteers), barring exemption or appropriate deferral, should be required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, we agree to implement mandatory vaccination policies and are taking steps to achieve that goal in our respective institutions.


COVID-19 is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and death. Anyone can get COVID-19, including people who are otherwise healthy. Requiring a COVID-19 vaccine demonstrates our commitment to protect the safety and health of our patients, many of whom already have weakened immune systems, as well as visitors, co-workers, and our own families. Highly transmissible variants of COVID-19 are increasing in the community and causing increased case rates which may affect our patients, visitors, and staff.

Read the full consensus statement by using the link below.