Stereotactic Breast Biopsies at Nathan Littauer means greater comfort and precision.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsies at Nathan Littauer means greater comfort and precision.

Women commenting on the new system

Gloversville, NY …Local women requiring biopsies to reexamine suspicious findings from their mammograms can now reap the benefits of state-of-the-art technology Littauer is using in their Diagnostic Imaging Center. The new stereotactic breast biopsy equipment is delivering greater comfort and precision to women during their breast biopsies.  It is the first technology of its kind available in the Fulton-Montgomery region. “We have already heard from women who have had biopsies on our old system and now our new system and they are very complimentary and grateful for this new technology” stated Priscilla Person who works at Littauer’s Diagnostic Imaging Center.

Women are commenting on new system

A Nathan Littauer Diagnostic Imaging staff member reviews an image of a stereotactic breast biopsy procedure performed at Littauer recently.

 The new equipment is ergonomically designed, allowing women to sit during the exam, well supported throughout the entire procedure. Dr. McBiles, Chief of Radiology explains, “As a radiologist comfort is paramount because greater patient comfort usually equates to better images and samples.”  He added, “The computer-guided technology gives us better precision requiring smaller tissue sampling.” Dr. McBiles, continued, “The entire procedure is shortened and our patients have reported very little discomfort. The incision is much smaller so there is little if any scarring and decreased pain.  Usually the entire procedure is completed within 45 minutes.”   

Another benefit? Women requiring a breast biopsy can avoid the operating room all together. Dr. McBiles explained, “We do biopsies in our newly renovated diagnostic imaging rooms. During the procedure, the patient sits in a specially designed, ergonomic chair, with the breast exposed. The digital machine takes focused images of the suspicious area which are viewed by the radiologist on the computer screen.  The equipment then pinpoints the exact location of the breast abnormality seen on earlier mammograms by using a computer and x-rays taken from different angles.” The doctor continued, “Using exact computer coordinates; the doctor determines the site for the biopsy and administers a local anesthetic – similar to what dentist’s use.  The tissue samples quickly secured with a vacuum-assisted device and the tissue samples are sent to the lab to be thoroughly examined.”  

Tammy Gerdes, who leads the mammogram unit for Littauer explains, “It all comes down to dignity and compassion. We strive with every exam to make our patients feel at ease and cared for. It is a stressful time.”  

The new technology was paid for with monies raised by the hospital’s Foundation. For more information on our advanced outpatient diagnostic radiology services people are encouraged to speak to their referring physician.