Great Care Appreciated

Great Care Appreciated

April 2, 2010
First published in the: Leader Herald

Last week, our oldest daughter experienced some health issues, requiring transportation to Nathan Littauer Hospital. She was admitted to pediatrics for two days. She is well again now.

We have many people to thank. First, a special thanks to ASFC’s Don Frye and Wayne Allan. You guys were awesome, both true professionals. We will never forget all that you did for us, especially the quick response time. Thanks for staying with me in the ED and reassuring me. Thanks seems so inadequate at this time. We are very lucky as a community to have people like you in the field.

Thanks so very much to Dr. Laurie Gorgas, ED. Your kind words and professional, caring manner all mean the world to me. You did a great job with her.

Thanks to Eileen and Chantelle, and all of you who were on duty. You are great nurses. I’m so proud of you.

Thanks to all the fine ladies in pediatrics. You took great care of Taylor and the rest of us, too.

Thanks to our dear friend Dr. Robert Werblin, who spent hours of his own time (while not on duty) talking and reassuring. We love you, Doc.

Thanks to Dr. Kumar and Dr. James for caring for Tay. And thank you to all my friends and co-workers who came to see us, asked how she was, called, and sent flowers, treats and your love. Thanks to all of Taylor’s friends for visiting and being there when she needed you.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Just know as a family, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all you did.

Nathan Littauer Hospital is a wonderful place filled with great people. I’m proud to be part of that team.