Nathan Littauer’s employee of the quarter

Nathan Littauer’s employee of the quarter

Our new employee of the quarter

NATHAN LITTAUER Announces employee of the quarter

Heather Sousa referred to as “Radar O’Reilly” for the medical staff

August 5, 2009

Gloversville, NY– Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home announced their Employee of the second Quarter for 2009, Ms. Heather Souza. Ms. Sousa works at the Nathan Littauer Family Practice Group in Gloversville. Ms. Sousa was presented with a gift of appreciation by the Hospital’s President and CEO, Laurence E. Kelly during an employee celebration last week. She also was presented with a plaque. Mr. Kelly explained, “Heather strives to be the best at her job, works well with others and is very, very good to our patients.” She has even driven to patient’s houses, in extreme cases to deliver prescriptions to patients. Her coworkers, who made the nomination, explained that she “goes above and beyond her call of duty”.

Ms. Sousa said thank you to the crowd that had gathered, which included her family. She did not know she would be chosen as employee of the quarter until Mr. Kelly announced her name. Dr. David Pesses, MD a family practitioner at the hospital added, “I have been tempted to call her ‘Radar’ because she knows what I need or need to know before I ask.” Dr. Pesses reference is to the 1970’s TV show M*A*S*H and the character of Radar O’Reilly who had a knack for predicting people’s thoughts or needs before they were even spoken.

The Employee of the Quarter is a function of the hospital’s Goodwill Committee a multi-disciplinary team that strives to recognize employees within the hospital who embody Nathan Littauer’s original mission.

Caption for photo: Heather Sousa holds her employee of the quarter award.