Infection Prevention – Coronavirus

Infection Prevention – Coronavirus

Littauer’s Manager of Infection Prevention and Manager of Employee Health, NP-C, Melissa Bown had a few things to say about the recent Coronavirus. She has been following the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the New York State Department of Health (NYSDoH) to monitor the virus. She offers some peace-of-mind, and some tips.

Littauer’s Infection Prevention/Employee Health Manager, Melissa Bown

“Both the CDC and NYSDoH have a good handle on the situation,” Bown says. “They are working very diligently. Littauer is always preparing so that we may weather any storm. We’re prepared. Our hospital staff screen patients who have traveled out of the country, especially for those who show symptoms for illnesses like the coronavirus.”

Here are some tips on how to prevent getting sick from The New York State Department of Health:

Tips on preventing infection of the Coronavirus