Moms delivering at Littauer get big send off

Moms delivering at Littauer get big send off

Nicole Skiff looks through her gift bags moments before she leaves.

Pampered gifts are well received

With the opening of the newly renovated maternity center quickly approaching, families who have been inconvenienced by the maternity construction have been given royal treatment by Littauer staff. Littauer has made sure that those mothers delivering during the transition phase do not feel slighted. “Each family has been given a bevy of very well-planned and thoughtful gifts.” stated Kimberly Colvin, Manager of Maternal Child Health. “We wanted to thank them for their patience as we rebuilt our maternity unit.” She added, “We had to relocate our maternity department during the construction phase. It was a huge undertaking.”


“I would say on the whole, few families even noticed the difference.” stated Hospital spokesperson Cheryl McGrattan. She added, “The staff really went the extra mile to make the temporary maternity unit as comfortable as possible. I do know however, everyone is anxious to get into our new maternity unit.” The hospital moved the unit to the second floor in the pediatric area during the renovation phase.

As a gesture of appreciation, families were given a new combination web, video and digital camera, a construction hat for the baby, chocolates and perhaps best of all, a meal to take home. When a family is ready for discharge, a culinary-trained chef arrives at their room with a complete meal to take home in an eco-friendly bag. For the occasion, the hospital chef Rick Wells created grilled chicken penne pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh bread and chocolate truffles. The meals come with an ingredient list and also reheating instructions. Ms. Colvin notes, “The meals were such a huge hit I think we are going to continue it even after our grand opening.”

Kim Colvin explained, “When we researched the best gifts for mothers, time-and-time again, they said that getting a meal from a neighbor or family member was the best gift of all. And I thought, ‘Well, we have always thought of our hospital as neighborly’ and the idea was born.” The nurses state that mothers are thrilled. Ms. Colvin notes, “It also gives me a certain sense of relief knowing that a good meal is going home with these very nervous and exhausted families.” She concluded, “I do not know of any other hospital in the region that does this.”

And Nicole Skiff would agree. She delivered her baby at Littauer during the renovation phase and she was more than happy to receive the gifts. But according to Nicole Skiff it was the meal that was most meaningful. She explained, “I was thinking, ‘what can I do for dinner tonight?’ and here it is!”

With the renovation phase almost done, Littauer’s President and CEO, Laurence E. Kelly announced last night at a Hospital event, “I am sure we will have a baby in our new maternity unit before Christmas!” Announcements about the grand opening are expected shortly.