Wellness Words June 2014

Wellness Words June 2014

HealthLink Littauer’s


Submitted by Wendy Chirieleison, MS Ed Community Health Educator

Take Time Out For Yourself & Enjoy This Summer!

It’s summertime and you are looking forward to all that is in store for you – going to lunch with friends that you haven’t seen in a while, going to parties, taking a family vacation, and completing projects that you have been meaning to work on.

Summer begins with a very relaxed vibe and you say to yourself, I have “all summer” to do these things.  The next thing you know, half of the summer has slipped away and you have accomplished nothing that you had intended to do.  Then you feel rushed to fit everything into the last few weeks of summer that remain.  It’s important to have balance in our lives – so this summer, make a pledge to clear your calendar and take some time out to have fun with friends and family.

Taking time for ourselves helps us to change our perspective on things, gives us time to replenish our energy, and gain a sense of peace and serenity.  When we don’t take time for ourselves, we often feel burdened by the tasks we have to complete, frustrated, stressed, and wishing that there was more time in the day.

Make sure you schedule some time for yourself to simply enjoy the summer.  Sit outside and watch the clouds roll by, get lost in a good book, go to the movies or better yet – the drive-in, or take a class to learn a new hobby or skill.

There are many resources in the area that you can take advantage of.  Enjoy local produce and merchandise at farmers markets, go to an outdoor concert in the park, or visit a museum.

Since the weather is so nice, get outside as much as you can.  Go for a walk each night or every morning, appreciate the flowers in your garden, listen to birds chirp, and take in the sunshine.

Revel in the nature that is all around us!  Go to one of the 44 lakes in the Adirondacks and watch the geese, ducks, rabbits, and other wildlife.  Take a hike or make use of our nature trails!

Right now you might be thinking, how is it possible to take time for myself when I am so busy?  Carving time out of your schedule for yourself is not as hard as it may seem, if you follow some of these suggestions:

  • Practice good time management skills:  Plan quiet time for yourself and time for social events.
  • Learn to say NO more often:  You don’t have to commit to everything
  • Ask for help:  No one says that YOU have to do it all.
  • Do not feel guilty or think that you are being selfish by scheduling time for yourself!

You will be able to return to your day to day tasks with a better outlook, greater energy, and more commitment when you know that you can treat yourself to some special moments this summer.

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