Another grateful patient

Another grateful patient

In 2009 our Emergency Care Department treated over 24,000 people.

This just in… Another grateful Littauer patient

I was a patient in NLH’s ER yesterday (June 29, 2010) after breaking my arm in a fall. Since I cannot type, I asked my husband to convey my appreciation on my behalf. From the moment of my arrival, all of the staff was attentive and professional and focused on my needs. Both the ER and Radiology/Xray staff made my discomfort more bearable. Special appreciation to ER RN Brandi Maye, Dr. Gorgas and attending RN Kathleen Possillico. Please extend a big thank you to all. I could not have been treated any better. As bad as it was it was for me it was really a great experience. And they were also so nice to my husband. I am feeling better and am awaiting a full recovery. Thank you.”

Ms. Carol Lebo

Gloversville, NY