Littauer Launches “Learn from Littauer”

Littauer Launches “Learn from Littauer”

Staff at NLH giving healthy living tips via social networking sites

Gloversville, NY…Nathan Littauer will start launching a new program, “Learn from Littauer” a weekly healthy living tip program aimed at their many Facebook and Twitter followers. “We could have used canned wellness tips but we wanted to use the expertise and creatively of our employees.” stated Cheryl McGrattan, hospital spokesperson. She added, “Now people can get a wellness tip from our surgical staff, our dietitians, and even our housekeepers. After all, we are all striving to live a healthier lifestyle.” The idea came from Littauer’s Healthlink coordinator, Sue Cridland.

Starting the Learn from Littauer health tip program is the CEO himself, Laurence E. Kelly. “I liked this idea and thought I would pass on a tip that I live by” stated Mr. Kelly. The first tip will preview Monday April 26, 2010. The Learn from Littauer healthy living tips can be viewed by logging on to the hospital’s Facebook and Twitter sites. “Our staff is responding with great enthusiasm” explained Cheryl McGrattan.

A weekly wellness tip program will begin April 26, 2010