Littauer is one of five hospitals in New York to receive funding

Littauer is one of five hospitals in New York to receive funding

Doctors across New York will award Nathan Littauer Hospital $100,000

Gloversville, NY State Health Commissioner Nirav R. Shah, M.D., M.P.H., recently announced that Nathan Littauer Hospital is one of five health care providers in New York State to be awarded a grant of $100,000 over two years to support physicians who practice medicine in underserved communities through the “Doctors Across New York” Program. “We appreciate the Doctors Across New York Program as we continue our quest to bring qualified specialists to the residents in our area.” stated Laurence E. Kelly Littauer’s President and CEO adding, “The program is essential for areas like Fulton County.”

The hospital added urologist Dr. Paul Husson to their rolls in August of last year. As one of the only Urologists in the region he is already very busy. The Doctors Across New York Program is a critical program to help ensure that New Yorkers in every community in the State have access to high-quality health care services,” Commissioner Shah said in a release. “These grants will help these institutions increase access to vital health care services in rural and urban areas.”

The Doctors Across New York Program awards funding to support recruitment and retention of physicians in underserved areas. Physicians participating in Doctors Across New York make a multi-year service commitment to practice in an underserved area in the State.

Doctors Across New York is a state-funded initiative enacted in 2008 to help train and place physicians in underserved communities in a variety of settings and specialties to care for New York’s diverse population. According to the NYSDOH, it is estimated that 25 percent of New Yorkers live in medically-underserved areas, and many communities lack physicians who can provide specialty medicine in areas such as Urology.

Nathan Littauer Hospital states that they are planning on conducting outreach activities for Dr. Husson so that people who are suffering with Urology issues can get the answers and treatment they need. “Many people are silent about urology issues -allowing it to deeply impact their quality of life. We want to change that.” stated Cheryl Mcgrattan Hospital Spokesperson.

“We are devotees of preventative medicine used in conjunction with medical specialties. Therefore, this was a great holiday gift.” stated Mr. Kelly.