Meet Michael our Employee of the YEAR!

Meet Michael our Employee of the YEAR!

Michael Nickerson has a “Heart of Gold”

Michael Nickerson is our Employee of the Year!

Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home recently awarded their Employee of the Year to Mr. Michael Nickerson. Mr. Nickerson is a Licensed Practical Nurse II, (LPN2) at the Nathan Littauer Nursing Home, a position he has held since 2002.

Mr. Nickerson’s name was announced during an agency-wide celebration by the Hospital’s President and CEO, Laurence E. Kelly. His coworkers, many who made the nominations, explained he “Has a heart of gold” and he “is an excellent role model”. One employee stated that Michael is “A rare gem that shines brightly”.

Mr. Nickerson said thank you to the crowd that had gathered, which included his mother. Mr. Nickerson has explained, “For me this job means everything.” He also added, “I consider everyone I work with family”.

“Nathan Littauer Hospital currently has about 980 employees. Therefore, this is definitely a prestigious award.” said Cheryl McGrattan Hospital spokesperson. Adding, “He is a person who seems to genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. And we frequently get compliments about his excellent clinical skills.” Mr. Kelly has described Michael as “Exemplifying the true meaning of caring and compassion.”

Michael is a deserving award winner. As Employee of the Year Michael receives gift certificates and preferred parking and his picture will appear on Littauer’s Hall of Fame. The Employee of the Year is a function of the Hospital’s Goodwill Committee a multi-disciplinary team that strives to recognize employees within the hospital who embody Nathan Littauer’s original mission.