THE EVENT 2012 will have guests saying, “Oh, what a night!”

THE EVENT 2012 will have guests saying, “Oh, what a night!”

People remember their seventies wardrobes as preparations for The Nathan Littauer’s Foundation annual gala is underway

Nathan Littauer Foundation is gearing up for June 8, 2012’s gala, THE EVENT, a yearly soiree to benefit Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home. Susan Kiernan Vice President of Development and one of THE EVENT organizers explained, “THE EVENT has been all over the world-so-to-speak. We have had evenings in Paris, a journey down the Nile and we have even ‘traveled’ on the Orient Express. She added, “But this year we go back in time to the 1970’s.” She added, “The theme is generating a lot of enthusiasm- especially from people who would like to dust off their leisure suits and bell bottoms.”

Now in its 11th year, THE EVENT is a yearly gala benefiting the hospital. It has been listed in the Capital District Business Review as one of the most successful one-day fundraising events in the region. Sue Kiernan states, “Now more than ever we need our community to support our hospital. She explains, “Therefore we are asking those in our community to help, and next Friday is just one way they can do that.” She concluded, “Just think, by dancing, eating, drinking and visiting with friends you can help.”

“This community is so supportive of our mission.” said Kelly Colby another organizer of THE EVENT. About the gala she also said, “It has been fun to hear attendees- young and old alike plan their attire.” She explained that people can come even if they are not dressing the part.

Staff within the Hospital has been reminiscing about what they wore during that era. Nan Jones, RN Manager of the Operating Room laughs remembering “I wore powder blue hip hugger bell bottoms and a halter top.” Dave Bruhns Director of Engineering was in the service at the time, and explained that while he wore nothing embarrassing in the 70’s, “But in the 80’s, I made up for it and wore things that embarrassed my four kids to no end.” Nancy Travis, Director of Materials Management recalls wearing, “Hip hugger jeans and a man’s unironed white cotton, button down collar oversized dress shirt, ankle length black wool coat and work boots.” Priscilla Person in the Diagnostic Imaging Department said, “My favorite item in the 70’s was my bell bottom jeans with silver studs that made a design—they were the coolest”. And Tammy Gerdes who works in our mammogram department told us about a blue, white and “the obligatory orange” striped pantsuit her mom made her – with the zipper up the back. She adored it. Laurence Kelly, Hospital President and CEO said, “I am not sure if I can explain this right, but I wore these maroon textured wide-wale corduroy bell bottoms pants.” He added, “I wish I still had them today.”

Fashion aside, THE EVENT will be held next Friday under a tent and within the Pine Brook Golf Club in Gloversville, NY. The entire venue has been secured for the evening. Starting at 7:00 pm, guests will go back in time with décor, dance and food reflecting the 1970’s. The planners even have a few surprises for party goers.

Perhaps the most anticipated part of evening as well as the most closely-guarded is the menu. Susan Kiernan said, “People time and time again, rave about the food at THE EVENT.” She added, “I cannot reveal too much about this menu but I can tell you that chefs from across the state have helped to create this 1970’s inspired event.” THE EVENT will feature several food stations. For example, The “Jive Turkey” food station will have split Cornish game hens with smoked paprika, fresh sage and Yukon gold smashed potatoes with chicken au jus. And guests will be treated to Harvey Wall Bangers as they dance under the disco ball.

“We really stretch our culinary muscles at THE EVENT. And the feedback we get from the guests is extraordinary.” stated Tim Forte one of the chefs for THE EVENT adding, “The culinary team works for months on designing a menu which is eclectic and satisfying.” This year, the culinary team is sourcing local foods as well.

“I say it every year.” said Susan Kiernan, “Most of all, this is a great party for a great cause.” If anyone is interested in getting tickets for Friday’s event, please call 773-5505.