Darlene Demarest is fourth quarter Goodwill employee

Darlene Demarest is fourth quarter Goodwill employee

– Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home announced the 2014 Fourth Quarter Goodwill Employee of the year. Darlene Demarest, a Medical Receptionist from Littauer’s Mayfield Primary and Specialty Care Center was the recipient.

“It takes all 1000 employees to make Littauer what we are,” said Mr. Kelly. “Darlene exemplifies Littauer’s values and is the perfect fit for this honor.”

Demarest is a 40-year Littauer employee, and is known for her positive attitude. “I love my job, I love my co-workers and I especially love my patients,” said Demarest.

Mr. Kelly read stories submitted by her co-workers applauding Demarest’s work ethic, kindness, compassion, and warm smile. In particular, she is instantly able to set patients at ease. “She goes above and beyond for her patients and co-workers daily and has done so for decades,” said a co-worker.

Recipients for the award are nominated by NLH employees, providers or patients and submitted to the Goodwill Committee. In a blind format they are selected.

Demarest received a plaque and a check along with her special honor.

Littauer President and CEO Laurence E. Kelly with 2014 fourth quarter Goodwill Employee Darlene Demarest

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