Littauer welcomes Certified Nurse Midwife Julie Tesi to their Women’s Health staff

Littauer welcomes Certified Nurse Midwife Julie Tesi to their Women’s Health staff

GLOVERSVILLE – Littauer Women’s Health welcomes Certified Nurse Midwife Julie Tesi to the Littauer Family of Health Services. Tesi is bringing her expertise in women’s health to Littauer’s Primary & Specialty Care Centers in Gloversville and Perth, as well as to The Birthing Center at Littauer.


“I’m really excited to be working at Littauer” Tesi said. “I have a special connection to this place. I did my clinical training here, my internship, I know many of the patients, and enjoy working with the staff.”


Tesi has worked closely with Certified Nurse Midwife Joanne Pepe who has brought thousands of local children into the world, and will continue on with the practice, as well as working together with all other professionals in Littauer’s Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Tesi is a local practioner who grew up in Gloversville, played soccer at Gloversville High School, and attended Fulton-Montgomery Community College where she got her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing. She attained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Chamberlain University, and her 11032014_julie_tesi from SUNY Stony Brook School of Nursing. A lifelong supporter of the area, Tesi lives in Johnstown and is the mother of four children.


“I believe women need to be made aware of all the health care choices they have available” Tesi added. “I feel it is my responsibility to empower women with these choices. It is that important to me.”


Tesi will be assuming retiring midwife Joann Pepe’s patient roster. Pepe was one of Littauer’s most trusted and sought-after midwives. She is responsible for bringing an estimated 2000 babies into the world and treasures every experience. She explains that each was “so meaningful, so special” adding it was, “Such a remarkable time to be with families.”


“Julie will be the perfect fit to follow-up with my patients” said Pepe. “As a student, she impressed me from the get-go. She has such a nice way, she talks, she listens – she is so knowledgeable and she conveys it so easily.”


Pepe pointed out that Tesi is well prepared for her role, as she started out as a Registered Nurse, has had experience with Medical-Surgical, Oncology and Maternity units. “She is still young, but she is not a kid. She is an experienced labor nurse, and a responsible mother of four.”


Pepe said she expects Tesi to have a long and fabulous career at Littauer as a midwife. “She has a gift to share with our patients.”

Julie Tesi is accepting new patients, and can be reached at Gloversville Women’s Health at (518) 775-4360 on Mondays and Wednesdays or at Perth Women’s Health at (518) 883-8634 on Tuesdays and Fridays.