NLH Smoking cessation class works!

NLH Smoking cessation class works!

Read this Letter to the Editor which first appeared in The Leader Herald, December 1, 2010

Cessation class effective
December 1, 2010

The butt stops here. These are words we never thought would pertain to us.

Linda Hidde and Sue Cridland helps smokers quit!

In September, we saw an ad in The Leader-Herald for a smoking-cessation class presentation by HealthLink through Nathan Littauer Hospital. Ms. Linda Hidde was the facilitator.

She gave us information through booklets, videos and open discussion. With her and this class, which met once a week, we were both able to quit after smoking for more than 45 years each.

A new class will be starting in the middle of January. Anyone interested in quitting should watch for the ad in The Leader-Herald.

We will be there, too, with help and support.