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  1. I have been diagnosed with mid thoracic pain, sagittal and axial images were taken utilizing t12 and t2 spin echo, gradient echo t2 and fat suppresion stir using a phased array SPINE COIL ON A 1.5 Coil on 1.5 TESLA ge eXCITE mr SYSTEM THERE IS DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE AT MULTILEVELS OF THE MID THORACIC SPINE FROM t4-5, t-5. t-6-7 AND t7-8 AT THE LEVEL OF T7-8 THERE IS ENDPLATE MARROW EDEMA AT THE ANTERIOR HALF OF THE DISC SPACE..IT ALSO SHOWS A MILD DISC BULGE..THERE IS FACET ARTHROSIS OF THE TR2-3, T3-4 AND T-9-10..THE SPINAL CORD TRERMINATES AT THE L1 VERTEBRAL BODY LEVEL WHICH IS NORMAL. 1-2 THERE IS DEGENERATIVE disc disease associated with diac bulge or protusion…there is mild reversal of the cervical lorditic curvature with fmultileveo disc bulge at the c4-5, c5-6 and c6-7 if clinicALLY INDicated mr study of the apinw is recommended…IMPRESSION..MULTILEVEL DEGENERATIVE disc DSISEASE at T5-6 T6-7 and T7-8 with endplate marrow wswm r rhw t7-8 interspace, mils siax bulge is noted at t7-8—-t2-3, t3-4 and t9-10 bilateral FACET ARTHROSIS, L1-2 DISC BULGE OR LOW PROFILW PEOTRUSION…AOGNED BY lEE md, joong k, 6/3/2011..OSTEOPeni..DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE t multiplw levels primareily AT THE LEVEL OF L4-5

  2. Will Dr Shen be seeing patients in the Albany area?