Nathan Littauer Hospital Acquires Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance System

Nathan Littauer Hospital Acquires Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance System

 “The future has arrived”

Nathan Littauer Hospital has purchased and received its first Renaissance Robotic System. MZOR, a developer of innovative surgical robots and complementary products, delivered the system to an eager staff yesterday afternoon. Nathan Littauer provides the finest in state-of-the-art technology and a caring, dedicated staff of health care professionals to the residents of Fulton County and the surrounding communities. Nathan Littauer, as an independent community hospital has a history of being an early adopter of new, therapeutic technologies.

“Littauer’s experience in minimally invasive surgery under Dr. Jian Shen just made history by acquiring this new technology for our grateful community.” stated Laurence E. Kelly Nathan Littauer Hospital’s President and CEO. He explained, “Dr. Shen has performed many ground-breaking surgeries at Nathan Littauer.” He states, “This system is a tool in our minimally-invasive arsenal created for patients who suffer from debilitating spine pain. However, it is our team, with Dr. Shen at the helm that makes Littauer unique.” He concluded, “The future has arrived.”

“This is another key endorsement of our Renaissance system and further reflects the continued momentum we are experiencing in the northeastern U.S. market,” commented Ori Hadomi, Chief Executive Officer. “Within just the past few days we have installed our first two systems in New York, so we will be entering the second half of 2013 with momentum and a wider installed footprint in the northeastern U.S. This is an encouraging development, and it clearly demonstrates, both from a clinical and an economic proposition, that surgeons and hospital administrators are seeing the advantages of using our Renaissance systems.”

Cheryl McGrattan, Hospital Spokesperson notes, “Renaissance, which is the only FDA approved surgical guidance system for spine surgeries, has already proven to be highly effective and safe, with an efficacy rate near 99%.” She added, “Naturally, we wanted to leverage its advanced capabilities with the expertise of our leading orthopedic team to offer better and safer patient outcomes.”

Dr. Jian Shen, who will be performing the surgeries, agreed stating, “I am pleased to bring this minimally invasive surgical approach to Nathan Littauer Hospital and the Upstate New York region.” He added, “Ultimately it is the patient who will benefit. Time and time again, that is where my focus lies – to create outstanding outcomes for my patients.”