Alisha Peters, RN, Award First DAISY Award at NLH

Alisha Peters, RN, Award First DAISY Award at NLH

GLOVERSVILLE, NY — Strapped with a yellow facemask, nurse Alisha Peters had finished hooking an IV into a patient when two staff members told her to step outside the hospital room.

A group of cheerful employees surrounded the hallway. Her husband was there. Her parents were there. Her two tawny-haired daughters were there. 

Photo taken by Dakota Pike.

DAISY Award Honoree Alisha Peters, RN, (centered) with her two daughters, her husband, and Nathan Littauer’s Senior Nursing Director Jennifer Elmendorf, MSN, RN, CLNC (right).

“Mommy!” one daughter shouted. 

To a round of applause, Peters was bestowed the DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence. Among 120 nurses across the rural health care network, she’s the first staffer at the Gloversville hospital to receive the accolade.

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