Nathan Littauer Gift Shop Reopens

Nathan Littauer Gift Shop Reopens

Nathan Littauer Auxiliary and Staff have
Ribbon-cutting Ceremony after Completing Renovations

GLOVERSVILLE, NY Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is excited to announce the reopening of its gift shop to the public on March 14, 2023, after remaining closed for some time, due to planned renovations. The Nathan Littauer Auxiliary gift shop will once again offer a variety of unique gifts, snacks, and personal items to patients, their families, hospital staff, and members of its community – with even more variety and products to choose from than before. “The gift shop’s grand opening was widely anticipated by our Auxiliary, our employees, and our patients,” said Nathan Littauer President and CEO, Sean Fadale. “They say, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ This could not be more true for our Auxiliary. Even though the recent snow storm impacted the opening, the gift shop still had robust sales.”

The reopening of the Nathan Littauer Auxiliary gift shop is a significant milestone for Nathan Littauer. The gift shop has been a beloved fixture of the hospital for many years, providing patients and their families with a convenient and accessible way to purchase items they may need during their hospital stay. The gift shop has also served as a source of comfort and support for many patients and their families, offering a selection of thoughtful and inspiring gifts. “We’ve waited a while for its completion,” said Nathan Littauer Auxiliary President Evelyn McSpirit and Auxiliary Gift Shop Chairman Frances Mosconi. “It was so worth the wait. It’s spacious, beautiful, and we’re glad it’s open to patients, their family members, Nathan Littauer employees, and our community.”

“We appreciate our volunteers’ hard work and patience in the reimagining of our retail shop,” says Nathan Littauer Vice President of Business Development and Executive Director of the Nathan Littauer Foundation, Geoffrey Peck. “Curating a small space can be challenging, but our team has truly done an outstanding job.” Now having undergone extensive renovations and upgrades to safety and aesthetics, the shop features a more spacious layout, new lighting fixtures, new displays, and a wider selection of items to choose from.

Nathan Littauer’s Engineering Services Team completed most of the renovations alone, an impressive feat for the hospital’s small engineering team. While the engineering team was renovating the gift shop, they were also maintaining regular hospital and nursing home operations. “Our team worked tremendously hard on this project, and it turned out really well,” said Nathan Littauer Director of Engineering Services, Paul Mahaney. “It was a wonderful example of what great teamwork could accomplish. We thank everyone that played a part in its revitalization, and we hope everyone enjoys all that it has to offer.”

In addition to offering a variety of products for patients, family members, and staff, the gift shop will also serve as a fundraising tool for the hospital. As a separate non-profit organization from the hospital, The Nathan Littauer Auxiliary and its members volunteer in the Nathan Littauer Gift Shop. The funds from purchases made in the gift shop then assist with the Auxiliary’s commitment to help Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home with purchasing necessary medical equipment for patients. “This is a huge investment for our hospital, Auxiliary, and for our community,” says Nathan Littauer Development Coordinator, Kelly Colby. “Our gift shop is more than just a cosmetic upgrade. At times, it is a beacon of hope and comfort. During a hospital stay, a small gift can make all the difference in a person’s care, and the gift shop plays an important role in those moments of compassion.”

What’s more, The Nathan Littauer Auxiliary and Volunteers are excited to announce that they are currently accepting applications for new volunteers, including positions to volunteer in the newly renovated gift shop. “Our volunteers play a vital role in supporting patients and their families during their hospital stay, and we welcome anyone who wishes to join to fill out an application!” adds Colby. Individuals who are interested in volunteering at Nathan Littauer Hospital or Nursing Home are encouraged to apply online at or contact the Volunteer Office at (518) 773-5505 for more information.

“On behalf of our great organization, we are glad our gift shop is back open,” adds Fadale. “We invite the members of our community to stop by for a visit – you’ll be impressed with what you find!”


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