Littauer’s Baby of the Year!

Littauer’s Baby of the Year!

GLOVERSVILLE, NY A couple battling a snow squall on their way to The Birthing Center at Nathan Littauer Hospital may not have realized they would be bringing home a little celebrity. Barbara Ralph and Daniel Williams, who traveled all the way from Speculator, ended up having the local New Year’s Day Baby!

Barbara checked into Littauer’s Birthing Center at 3:34 p.m. on December 31st.

Mother; Barbara Ralph, and Father; Daniel Williams, were very excited to bring baby Daniel into this world. “I was so excited for Daniel,” mom says.

Mother and Father of Baby Daniel pictured with Nathan Littauer’s Auxiliary.

21 hours and seven minutes after check-in, Baby Daniel Scott Williams, was born January 1st at 1:31 p.m. He weighed 8 lbs. and 2 oz. with a length of 21”, making him the very first baby delivered at Nathan Littauer Hospital for the year 2020.

Holding Daniel, dad says, “He is a very peaceful and happy baby.”

As tradition, Nathan Littauer’s Auxiliary made a donation to the family of the Baby of the Year. Littauer’s Auxiliary donated over 200 dollars in special gifts for little Daniel and his parents.

Inside the gift basket, are: clothes for baby Daniel, blankets, pacifiers, and little plush toys. President of Nathan Littauer’s Auxiliary, Norma Cozzolino, Director of Nathan Littauer’s Volunteer Services, Sue McNeil, Auxiliary Volunteer, Fran Mosconi, all presented the basket to little Daniel and his family.

“This is so nice,” says mom. “We’re very happy to have had our baby with Littauer.”

Mom and Dad are very excited. They look forward to bringing Daniel home.


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