Frequently Asked Questions

Having a Baby

What breastfeeding support do you have?

NLH has a team of breastfeeding counselors and trained RN’s to provide continued support during your hospital stay.   We can also do referrals to board certified lactation consultants on request.

What can I do to help prepare for childbirth?

Participate in a Childbirth Preparation Class that is tailored to your needs. Classes are done in person and are one on one.  Call 518- 773-5710 to enroll or for more information. The class reviews pregnancy, labor, pain management options, delivery, breastfeeding, care of a newborn, a tour of the birthing center and can answer all of your questions.

How many people can I have in the labor and delivery room?

For the safety of mom and baby, NLH  allows 2 support people, may include a Doula, in the L&D room.. The support people cannot switch out.  In case of an emergency we want our medical team to be able to move fast for the safest and effective care to both mom and baby.

Is there an age limit for children that can come on the unit?

 Only siblings of the newborn baby may visit and can stay for 1 hour each day.  No other children are allowed to visit. Please do not bring  your children  if they display any signs or symptoms of an illness such as runny nose, cough, fever, or vomiting.

How long will I be in the hospital after I have my baby?

Each patient is different. Most vaginal deliveries stay for 2 days and c-sections stay for 3 days. Depending on how you are feeling and what you and your doctor decide this time period may vary.

After I have my baby do I get to keep my baby with me?

We strongly encourage mother/baby couplet care. Although we do have a nursery and we know that moms get very tired, our nursing staff is more than willing to take your baby so you can rest.

What happens if I have to have a c-section?

The Birthing Center has its own OR suite. We do all of our own c-sections,  planned and emergent, on the unit. Your labor nurse will take care of you until you go to the OR and then her attention will shift to the baby. You will be cared for by our amazing OR team. Once the baby is born and the surgery is complete your care will return back to your labor nurse and you and your baby will recover together in the same recovery room. Here at The Birthing Center we want the mother and baby bonding experience to be uninterrupted.

What if I have a question about The Birthing Center that wasn’t asked here?

Email with any questions regarding the Birthing Center and your pregnancy, or call 518-773-5710.