Frequently Asked Questions

Rehabilitation Medicine

How can I start PT / OT / Speech / Massage?

All you need to begin one of these services (PT / OT / Speech) is a Doctor’s script and then you would contact the Patient Access department for scheduling of the initial evaluation. All treatments after the initial evaluation are scheduled directly with your therapist for maximum convenience. As for massage therapy, there is no MD script necessary. This is a private pay service ($60.00 / hour) that does not involve your insurance carrier. In order to set up an appointment convenient to you, please contact our receptionist at 773-5541 or you can all either of the massage therapists directly (Jamie Page at 774-2197 or Roberta Thomas at 752-8935).

I read about ‘one on one attention’. What does that actually mean?

NLH Sports Medicine and Rehab department schedules only one patient at a time per therapist. That way the patient gets that therapist’s undivided attention. In addition to that, the patient sees the same therapist every treatment (vast majority of the time). We strongly believe that these two factors enable our department to achieve optimal outcomes (far beyond the industry norm) due to the individualized and consistent attention of our highly skilled therapists.

What conditions / diagnoses do you treat?

The Rehab Department is comfortable and competent treating basically any diagnosis that can be related to out-patient rehab:

  • All pain conditions (chronic or acute). We have the most advanced equipment for pain control in order to work the person to their optimal, pain free function.
  • Balance Impairment: Any degree of imbalance, whether it be chronic (diabetes progression) or acute (neurological incident or post fall) can be treated.
  • All nuerological impairment: strokes (CVA’s), Parkinson disease, brain injury, MS, etc.
  • Elective surgery: total hip or knee replacements, spinal surgery, shoulders, carpal tunnel, hand surgery, etc..
  • All Low back pain / pelvic dysfuction.
  • Sports Medicine Diagnoses: Overuse (bursitis, tendonitis, patell femoral dysfunction) or acute (ligament repair like tommy john surgery, tendon rupture/ repair and fractures).
  • Lymphadema therapy patients: Occupational Therapy: similar to PT, but focus is largely on the upper extremity dysfunction, pain or limitations in in ADL’s (dressing, etc..).
  • Extensive experience in hand therapy.
  • Speech therapy: diagnose and treat disorders of speech, voice and language as well as evaluate the swallowing reflex through a videofluorsopy procedure.