Nathan Littauer Upgrades Technology

Nathan Littauer Upgrades Technology

Nathan Littauer Enhances Patient Care with New Infusion Pumps

GLOVERSVILLE, NY Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home has recently acquired new infusion pumps from B Braun Medical Inc., a leading provider of medical technologies. Littauer selected Braun’s Infusomat® Space 2nd Generation Large Volume Pumps due to the efficiency and accuracy the systems provide the patient care team. This upgrade in hospital technology means safer care for Nathan Littauer patients.

The new B Braun Medical Inc.’s Infusomat(R) Space 2nd Generation Large Volume Pumps at Nathan Littauer

“We are thrilled to integrate Braun’s innovative technology into our patient care services,” said Nathan Littauer President and CEO Sean Fadale, FACHE. “Our commitment to providing high-quality care to our patients requires that we continuously improve our processes, reduce the chance of errors, and adopt the latest advancements in medical technology. Our new infusion pumps are a perfect example of this, and we are confident they will benefit both our patients and our staff.”

With the latest infusion pump technology from B Braun Medical Inc., the hospital will be able to provide its patients fluids and therapies, with enhanced precision and safety features. The new infusion pumps will enable the hospital’s medical staff to administer medications and fluids to patients more accurately and efficiently – resulting in better patient outcomes and fewer complications. The Infusomat® Space 2nd Generation Large Volume Pumps have state-of-the-art safety features; including alarms to alert staff to potential errors, and advanced programming capabilities that enable the precise delivery of medication dosages. The pumps are paired with advanced infusion software, creating an integrated system that delivers real-time data, electronic reporting, and automatic notifications.

“Our staff are undergoing extensive training on the new equipment to ensure they are proficient in its use before our launch date,” said Nathan Littauer Pharmacy Director David Schaff, PharmD, CDE. “In the coming weeks, staff will be able to manage the infusion pumps with ease.”

The pump project was funded by donations from the Nathan Littauer Foundation and a matching gift from the Johnstown Hospital Foundation. Together, the two organizations met the $233,000 need.

“The acquisition of Braun’s infusion pumps aligns with the hospital’s goal of continuously enhancing patient care and safety,” adds Schaff. “Nathan Littauer is always investing in the latest technology for the betterment of our patients. Eventually, these new pumps will be integrated with our EMR – allowing providers to quickly access real-time data. Without the Nathan Littauer Foundation and the Johnstown Hospital Foundation, this would not have been possible. We are grateful for their recognition of the importance of this project.”

Internally, Nathan Littauer staff are celebrating the launch date of the organization’s new infusion pumps on May 4, 2023. Other engagement activities for Nathan Littauer staff are slated up until the launch date.

“It is our promise to keep our patients safe and help them heal,” said Nathan Littauer Foundation Executive Director and Vice President of Business Development Geoffrey Peck. “Even in a challenging fiscal environment, our hospital needs to remain up to date with industry standards. Thankfully, donors have supported our Foundation and allowed us to cover this cost.”

More information about Nathan Littauer Hospital’s new Infusomat® Space 2nd Generation Large Volume Pumps will be forthcoming. Additional updates will be shared on the hospital’s website and social media.


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