Nathan Littauer Nursing Home is “One of the best” Opinion – The Leader-Herald

Nathan Littauer Nursing Home is “One of the best” Opinion – The Leader-Herald

“I know there is a lot of negativity about nursing homes, but we have one of the best right here in Gloversville,” says community member. “It’s Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home.”

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Littauer announces Tammy Kennedy, 2017 Employee of the Year

NLH President and CEO, Laurence Kelly presents Tammy Kennedy, the 2017 Goodwill Employee of the Year

Certified Nurse Assistant, Carl Tubbs, left, Performance Improvement Coordinator, Tammy Kennedy, and Certified Nurse Assistant, Erin Schreckenberger, honored for their dedication and service to Littauer

GLOVERSVILLE, February 27, 2018 – Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home honored Tammy Kennedy, Performance Improvement Coordinator, as the Littauer 2017 Goodwill Employee of the Year.

Also receiving recognition were Certified Nurse Assistant, Erin Schreckenberger , first runner- up .and Certified Nurse Assistant, Carl Tubbs, as the second runner-up.

Littauer President and CEO Laurence Kelly made the announcement at a hospital-wide celebration praising Kennedy stating, “Tammy is an outstanding employee, one that we can look up to, her values mirror those that Littauer stand for.”

Kennedy is a 30 year Littauer employee, hired in January 1988. She has been promoted twice to her current position. Her perpetual role of accommodation, cheerfulness and kindness, along with her signature smile, were noted in most nominations. Kelly went on to point out many of the accolades that Tammy received as a new hire 30 years ago, are mirrored by what her peers still are saying today.

“I am speechless,” said Kennedy. “I am fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people for a very long time.”

Also nominated to the Goodwill Committee in the blind format were; Certified Nurse Assistant, Erin Schreckenberger for her kind-hearted nature, compassion and empathy working at Littauer’s Easterly Primary Care Center, and Certified Nurse Assistant, Carl Tubbs for his positive, caring, safe, nature in the Nathan Littauer Nursing Home where he is both adored and respected by residents and co-workers. Both runner-ups received a check and gift certificate from Littauer.


Littauer has over 1000 employees and Kennedy was nominated by her peers for this top honor. “Tammy has a very friendly, special way about her,” said Goodwill Committee Chairperson Brenda Hammons. “She encompasses Littauer’s mission and values each day with a smile,” added Hammons.

Kennedy received along with her honor; flowers, a cake, gift certificate, check, the coveted year-long prime parking spot, and a plaque on Littauer’s Wall of Fame.