Amy Ellsworth, NLH Goodwill Employee for the Year

Amy Ellsworth, NLH Goodwill Employee for the Year

Littauer recently announced their 2014 Goodwill Employee of the year. Amy Ellsworth, Office Coordinator of the Gloversville Primary & Specialty Care Center was the recipient of the honor. Ellsworth, a 14-year Littauer employee was nominated by her peers for her professional work ethic and endless compassion.

At a hospital-wide award ceremony held Thursday, March 5, Littauer President and CEO Laurence E. Kelly said, “It takes all 1000 Littauer employees to do what we do for our patients and community. Not all of us are hands on, but we are here to support behind the scenes.”

There were many examples of Ellsworth’s commitment to excellence. For example, a patient attributed Ellsworth’s intuitiveness to saving her life. The patient was in the parking lot refusing to come in and Ellsworth went outside to encourage her to enter the primary care center. Refusing to take no for an answer, Ellsworth got a wheelchair and brought the patient in. The patient was having a heart attack, and Ellsworth’s persistent actions most likely saved her life that day.

“I’m a bit overwhelmed by this honor” said Ellsworth.

Ellsworth was one of three top extraordinary finalists for the award. Second runner-up was Nicole Cleary, a Registration Representative. She was the 2014 third quarter Goodwill Award recipient. Cleary’s positive attitude and genuine smile, along with her outgoing personality with patients and co-workers made her an obvious choice as a finalist.

First runner-up was Jessica Insogna, a Radiology Office Rep in Littauer’s Diagnostic Imaging Department. Insogna enjoys working with patients and has been employed by Littauer since 2006. Insogna was the 2014 first quarter Goodwill Employee recognized for her kindness, compassion, and professionalism.

Ellsworth was presented with a bouquet of flowers, a plaque, gift certificate, check and a privileged hospital parking spot for a year. Her family was also present for the ceremony. Ellsworth’s family is from Galway and she resides in Mayfield with her fiancé Todd Brown.

Photo – 2014 Goodwill Employee of the Year Amy Ellsworth, center, first runner up was Jessica Insogna, left, and Nicole Cleary at right