Valachovic as Fourth Quarter Goodwill Award Recipient

Valachovic as Fourth Quarter Goodwill Award Recipient

GLOVERSVILLE, NY — Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home is proud to announce Mary Valachovic, as their Fourth Quarter Goodwill Award recipient for 2019!

Employees of Nathan Littauer took a short break from their regular work schedule to celebrate their “Employee of the Quarter” during a gathering February 6. President and CEO of Littauer, Laurence E. Kelly, had many positive things to say about Valachovic before surprising her with the award:

“This employee is hard-working and organized. Her charming personality and her gracious attitude make her a pleasure to work with. She’s helpful to anyone that asks her for assistance. These qualities and her ‘can-do’ attitude make her the epitomical employee of Nathan Littauer.”

President and CEO of Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home, Laurence E. Kelly, presents the Fourth Quarter Goodwill Award to Mary Valachovic.

Once Valachovic was named the award recipient, she was congratulated and presented with an engraved plaque. Overwhelmed with joy, she found her close friends, colleagues, and family surrounding her for her achievement.

Valachovic is an employee of Littauer’s Medical Records, Employee Health, and Performance Improvement Department. She has worked with Littauer for 16 years. After hearing Valachovic’s accomplishments, staff gave her a standing ovation.

President and CEO of Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home, Laurence E. Kelly, and the Fourth Quarter Goodwill Award recipient, Mary Valachovic.

A peer who nominated Valachovic explained: “Mary has an endless supply of friendliness. We’re so lucky to have her on our team at Littauer. Her values, work ethic, pleasant personality, and her dependability make her a valuable employee of Littauer.

Afterwards, Valachovic received many positive comments, commendations, and well-wishes from employees and friends.

Along with her plaque, Valachovic receives a monetary gift, as well as a designated parking spot on the hospital’s campus.

The mission of The Goodwill Award is to recognize goodwill and promote the “People Caring for People” environment toward co-workers, patients and the community of Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home.

Nominations for the award are made by Littauer employees, providers or patients, and nominees’ names are submitted to the Goodwill Committee. The winner is selected in blind format.


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