Holy Trinity Church Donates to Littauer’s Birthing Center

Holy Trinity Church Donates to Littauer’s Birthing Center

GLOVERSVILLE, NY – Sunday, February 9, Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home received a generous donation from the Holy Trinity Parish, a local Catholic church in Johnstown, NY. The donation was made possible by the church’s Faith Formation Program.

“We are so proud of the children for all their efforts,” says Cheryl Walton, member of Holy Trinity Church and Director of the children’s Faith Formation Program. “They were so excited they had the opportunity to make a difference in their community.”

The $2,000 of baby care items donated to Littauer’s Birthing Center, given by the Holy Trinity Church in Johnstown, NY.

The children’s Faith Formation class is part of the church’s Sunday school program. The Faith Formation is comprised of middle-school children from the area including the: Johnstown, Broadalbin, Gloversville, and Fonda-Fultonville school districts.

At the beginning of the school year, the children brainstormed ideas for possible community service projects. The students decided they wanted to help local mothers and newborns by donating child health and baby care items to Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Birthing Center.

Once they established their plan, the children distributed a flyer in their communities asking for donations of several needed newborn items. They received donations from fellow church members, school staff, and peers. Some of the children even made their own donations to further the cause.

The Holy Trinity Faith Formation children pictured with the baby care items they donated to Littauer’s Birthing Center.

“It’s amazing how much of a collaborative effort went into making this happen,” adds Walton. “They worked so hard.”

Collecting donations for several weeks, the church managed to obtain over $2,000 in baby care products. The donations were then personally delivered by the children, were they were received by Littauer’s Birthing Center staff.

“I am overwhelmed with joy,” says Wendy Bowie, Maternal Child Health, RN with Littauer. “Many mothers don’t have access to these baby care products. With their hard work, they made the impossible – possible. A wonderful thing has been done for our future mothers and future babies.”


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