New Providers Join Gastroenterology Team at Littauer

New Providers Join Gastroenterology Team at Littauer

GLOVERSVILLE, NY Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is proud to announce the addition of two providers to its Gastroenterology Team. These gastroenterologists will strengthen the hospital’s commitment to providing needed, comprehensive, and specialized medical services to the community.

The expansion of Littauer’s Gastroenterology team includes the arrival of Zainul-Abideen Syed, MD, FACG, and Hadi Minhas, MD. With extensive backgrounds in diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal disorders. Drs. Syed and Minhas will contribute to the hospital’s already robust Gastroenterology Team of Shri Verma, MD, Laura Caserta, FNP, Jill Hoffman, RPA, and Jeremy Lombardoni, CRNA, and David Cohen, MD. Their compassionate approach to patient care will complement the hospital’s reputation as a center of excellence for gastrointestinal health.

“We are thrilled to welcome these exceptional providers to our Gastroenterology Team,” says Nathan Littauer Vice President of Business Development and Executive Director of the Nathan Littauer Foundation Geoffrey Peck. “Dr. Syed and Dr. Minhas make fine additions, ones which strengthen our ability to address the unique healthcare needs of our community – ensuring that our patients receive personalized care.”

Dr. Syed and Dr. Minhas are embracing the opportunity to become integral members of Nathan Littauer’s medical provider team, aligning their values with the hospital’s patient-centered care philosophy.

These additions to the Gastroenterology Team mark another step forward in its ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional medical care, and in growing with its community.

More information and how to schedule an appointment with the new Gastroenterology providers or call (518) 752-5275 for the main GI appointment desk.


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Polly Peck, NP joins the Gastroenterology Specialists of Littauer

DSC_0002_editGLOVERSVILLE – Nathan Littauer Hospital is proud to announce Polly Peck, NP has joined the Gastroenterology Specialists of Littauer. Peck will be assisting Dr. Luz Alvarez and her practice located at Littauer’s Gastroenterology Primary/Specialty Center, 135 County Highway 128, Johnstown, (also known as 434 So. Kingsboro Ave. Extension next to Cataract Care Center and Mohawk Valley Orthopedics).
“I am very fortunate to have been chosen to work with such an amazing, compassionate, patient-centered team,” said Peck. “It is great to be a part of Littauer’s growth and the offering of such a vital resources to our community.”
Peck is in her tenth year working for Littauer. She is now seeing patients, and assisting with gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures.
An entirely new gastroenterology office was developed at Litttauer’s Johnstown Surgery Center on So. Kingsboro Ave. The 1458 square foot office houses three exam rooms, one procedure room, two offices, two restrooms, and a new reception area. The office is adjacent to the completely refurbished Endoscopy Center with a reception area, three operating rooms; sterilization equipment, a multiple patient recovery room, exam rooms, and the most complete state-of-the art technology and equipment for all procedures.
“One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Dr. Alvarez is experiencing first-hand her patient-centered philosophy. This career move reinforces the reasons why I went into medicine in the first place,” added Peck.
To schedule a consultation or appointment with Polly Peck or the Gastroenterology Specialists of Littauer, please call (518) 752-5275.