Local teddy bears are feeling much better now

Local teddy bears are feeling much better now

Nathan Littauer staff volunteer to put children at ease.

Nathan Littauer celebrated their Second Annual Teddy Bear Hospital August 4, 2019. The event had over 316 participants. Local children brought their action heroes, stuffed animals, and teddy bears to Nathan Littauer Hospital to be “treated” by clinical staff.

“Teddy Bear Hospital is a home run for our community. It showcases our wonderful staff and our clinical excellence in a nonthreatening setting made for children. Not only does it help put children at ease, our team is able to share our love of medicine with our youngest neighbors,” said Dr. Purcell, Pediatrician and volunteer at Littauer’s Teddy Bear Hospital.

Teddy bears approve of the treatment received at the event.

The hospital would like to thank all of the volunteers who made the event possible. In all, 69 volunteers worked Sunday to ensure the event went smoothly. Littauer would also like to thank the Gloversville Fire Department, Fulton County Ambulance, LifeNet, and the Gloversville Police Department for their services. The agencies provided the children with an inside look of their department’s vehicles and equipment.

This event is special to Nathan Littauer because it provides local children the opportunity to feel right at home with their community hospital. “It’s a wonderful benefit to the community. It’s close-by and children can get comfortable with our hospital and learn so much,” states Melissa Buanno, Admissions Coordinator for the Extended Care Facility, and a Teddy Bear Hospital volunteer.

“It is important to get young children comfortable with all the staff here in the hospital. It was a great opportunity to be connected with our care providers. When the children do need these important services, they are already familiar with the staff and the medical processes,” said Verneta Collar, Care Coordination, Discharge Planner, and volunteer.

The event had stations for children. These stations were designed specifically to help children understand emergency medicine and wellness. Cheryl McGrattan, Vice President of Marketing and Communications explains, “With a great amount of teamwork we showed local families and children our mission to provide the greatest comfort and highest level of care to our patients. And yes, we even provide quality care to teddy bears.”

About Nathan Littauer

Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is a full-service, 74 bed acute care hospital with an 84 bed skilled nursing home. Since 1894, Nathan Littauer has provided safe, high-quality health and wellness services with a focus on securing appropriate new technologies for people residing in Upstate New York. Over the years, the hospital has expanded its services in order to offer health care that is comprehensive, accessible, and relevant to the needs of the communities they serve. More information can be found by visiting www.nlh.org.

Teddy Bear Hospital Sunday August 4th

Nathan Littauer invites you and your children to be part of our 2nd Annual Teddy Bear Hospital! Bring your teddy bear, doll or favorite action hero to Nathan Littauer to be “treated” by our expert staff. Created for children, the event will have interactive stations designed to make health care fun. The event will also feature EMS, Fire and Lifenet (helicopter services). This event is FREE and open to the public.  Don’t miss out on this fun!

Sunday, August 4, 2019


Nathan Littauer Hospital

Your green neighbor

Our apple orchard

Watch our Earth Day message here!

Here at Nathan Littauer Hospital, we have come up with simple and creative ways to stay green.

Our apple orchard

Nathan Littauer, caring for Mother Earth, too.

On this Earth Day we would like to share just a few things we do to care for Mother Earth too:

  • We have saved 24,000 gallons a year by switching to microfiber mop heads.
  • We use a chemical free floor stripper, which is non-toxic and odor free.
  • We added a car charging station last year.
  • We also added new lights to our parking lot, which will save us 330,000 kilowatt hours.
  • We repurpose buildings for our Primary Care Centers.
  • We send unused medical supplies to third-world nations.
  • We clean condenser coils because we have found we use six to eight percent less electricity if we do so.
  • We have bike racks and many employees car pool.
  • We added a white roof to our nursing home to save electricity.

That is why we people call us their “Green Neighbor”.