Davin Healthcare Donates Teddy Bears for Valentine’s Day

Davin Healthcare Donates Teddy Bears for Valentine’s Day

Nathan Littauer’s Pediatric Patients Will
Receive a Teddy on Valentine’s Day

GLOVERSVILLE, NY Pediatric patients who present to Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home’s Emergency Department (Emergency Room) will be given Valentine’s Day teddy bears, thanks to Davin Healthcare. A nurse-founded and employee-owned company assisting in strategies of healthcare workforce shortages; Davin Healthcare donated ten teddy bears to Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home. “We are a staffing partner with Nathan Littauer, and this Valentine’s day, we wanted the pediatric patients to feel some love,” said Davin Healthcare Events and Engagement Coordinator Emily Cooper. “We wanted to do something nice for our younger patients who present in Emergency Rooms.”

Nathan Littauer staff holding the donated teddy bears, pictured with Davin Healthcare’s Emily Cooper (right.)

Cooper arrived at Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Emergency Room (ER), and greeted Nathan Littauer staff with a donation of ten teddy bears, intended for Littauer nurses to gift them to pediatric patients. Nathan Littauer Emergency Department Manager Kerry Button, RN, BSN, said, “This is a wonderful gesture of Davin Healthcare and a great idea for our pediatric patients, which will surely put a smile on their faces.”

Nursing Supervisor of Third Floor MED/SURG, Donna Sanders, RN, said “We’re thankful to Davin Healthcare for the thoughtful donation. Unfortunately, we have pediatric patients who come in to our ER, and the teddy bears will certainly help them feel a little bit better about their visit with us.”

Nathan Littauer Hospital was one of many hospitals to receive teddy bears. “We donated 500 teddy bears across the U.S., and really just wanted to help our younger patients smile on Valentine’s Day.” Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home thanks Davin Healthcare for the kind donation and for thinking of its pediatric patients on Valentine’s Day!



About Nathan Littauer

Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is a full-service, 74-bed acute care hospital with an 84-bed skilled nursing home. Since 1894, Nathan Littauer has provided safe, high-quality health and wellness services with a focus on securing appropriate new technologies for people residing in Upstate New York. Over the years, the hospital has expanded its services in order to offer health care that is comprehensive, accessible, and relevant to the needs of the communities they serve.  More information can be found by visiting www.nlh.org.

Teddy Bear Hospital Sunday August 4th

Nathan Littauer invites you and your children to be part of our 2nd Annual Teddy Bear Hospital! Bring your teddy bear, doll or favorite action hero to Nathan Littauer to be “treated” by our expert staff. Created for children, the event will have interactive stations designed to make health care fun. The event will also feature EMS, Fire and Lifenet (helicopter services). This event is FREE and open to the public.  Don’t miss out on this fun!

Sunday, August 4, 2019


Nathan Littauer Hospital

Littauer welcomes Pediatrician Dr. David Eisenberg

David Eisenberg, M.D., F.A.A.P.
















(February 21, 2018)  Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home is proud welcome David Eisenberg, M.D., F.A.A.P., to their pediatric staff at Perth Primary/Specialty Care Center.

Dr. Eisenberg medical career has spanned 20 years. He is the founder /pediatrician of Eisenberg Pediatrics establishing a 10-year practice in Long Island. He comes to Littauer from private practice in both Putnam and Westchester Counties, as well as in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“I am thrilled to be practicing at Littauer,” said Dr. Eisenberg. “I’d like to think I will be a positive influence as I practice in this community.”

Dr. Eisenberg received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and completed his residency at North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, New York. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“Littauer is fortunate to have Dr. Eisenberg practicing in our community,” states Cheryl MCGrattan, Littauer VP Marketing/Communications. “His experience and expertise is exceptional. He is bringing the latest in pediatric healthcare to Littauer’s youngest patients.”

Dr. Eisenberg is practicing at Littauer’s Primary/Specialty Care Center in Perth Monday through Friday. For an appointment, please call (518) 883-8624.

Friends of the Gloversville Public Library celebrate with Littauer’s Birthing Center

- Meagan Fleaszar and Austin Syzdek with newborn daughter Sophia Syzdek, and Jean LaPorta, President, Friends of the Gloversville Public Library

– Meagan Fleaszar and Austin Syzdek with newborn daughter Sophia Syzdek, and Jean LaPorta, President, Friends of the Gloversville Public Library

GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK (October 30, 2017) – In celebration of National Friends of Libraries Week in October, the Friends of the Gloversville Public Library presented the first baby born that week at The Birthing Center at Nathan Littauer Hospital with a basket of books and gifts.

Sophia Syzdek was born on Wednesday, Oct.18, making her the gift recipient. She is the daughter of Meagan Fleaszar and Austin Syzdek of Gloversville.

Presenter Jean LaPorta, President, Friends of the Gloversville Public Library, said the organization does this activity annually for the first baby born at Littauer during National Friends of Libraries Week.

“We really enjoy doing this” LaPorta said. “We hope these books will encourage a love of reading in the child and they will choose to visit our library,” she added.

This gift from the Friends of the Gloversville Public Library is made available through library donations.

NLH is now a depot for the NYS Milk Bank

Littauer Radiologic Technologist, Amanda Fosman with infant daughter Aria, donates excess breastmilk to Littauer's Milk Depot

Littauer Radiologic Technologist, Amanda Fosman with infant daughter Aria, donates excess breastmilk to Littauer’s Milk Depot

GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK (October 23, 2017) – Nathan Littauer Hospital would like to announce a new partnership with the New York State Milk Bank. According to Nancy Quinlan, RN, IBCLC, OSC, the Littauer’s Birthing Center lactation consultant, The Birthing Center at Littauer is now one of the newest, licensed milk depots in the state.

“NLH has always supported breast feeding, in a myriad of ways and now we are very excited about this leap forward,” said Quinlan. “We are now a milk depot for the NYS Milk Bank. This new chapter will improve awareness while bringing in new donor mothers for much-needed donor milk.”

“When a woman donates their breast milk to help another baby, the gesture is beyond generous. It strikes at the core of what our community needs most: helping babies get the best start in life,” added Littauer VP of Marketing and Communication, Cheryl McGrattan. “Nathan Littauer is making that process easier as we can now collect store and ship donor milk to the NYS Milk Bank where it will be processed and distributed where it is most-needed.”

Donors will go through a required screening process. Once approved, mothers can freeze the extra milk their babies don’t need and bring it to the Littauer depot, located in The Birthing Center at the hospital.

Frozen milk soon arrives at the NYS Milk Bank, where it is logged in with a sophisticated tracking system. It is then thawed, analyzed, packaged in tamper-resistant bottles, pasteurized and tested for bacteria. Next, donor milk is dispensed by physician prescription to hospitals and NICUs. Some are also dispensed by physician prescription to medically needy babies at home.

Interestingly, one method of delivery is made by the biker group Sirens, also known as the Milk Riders. They deliver much needed breastmilk throughout the New Your City. This group of dedicated riders will be present at Nathan Littauer Hospital for the inaugural delivery. Generally, Littauer will use another method of transport to deliver breastmilk to the NYS Milk Bank.

Littauer’s partnership with the NYS Milk Bank is not only unique, but it is also essential for mothers who would like to donate excess breastmilk. This milk is important to save the lives and improve the health outcomes of vulnerably ill or premature babies.

“We have gotten reports that our donated breastmilk has helped hurricane impacted babies in the U.S.” added McGrattan.

For more information on the Littauer Milk Bank Depot, or to learn more about becoming a donor, please contact Nancy Quinlan at (518) 775-4101 or email nquinlan@nlh.org