March Vital Signs

March Vital Signs

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Your green neighbor

Our apple orchard

Watch our Earth Day message here!

Here at Nathan Littauer Hospital, we have come up with simple and creative ways to stay green.

Our apple orchard

Nathan Littauer, caring for Mother Earth, too.

On this Earth Day we would like to share just a few things we do to care for Mother Earth too:

  • We have saved 24,000 gallons a year by switching to microfiber mop heads.
  • We use a chemical free floor stripper, which is non-toxic and odor free.
  • We added a car charging station last year.
  • We also added new lights to our parking lot, which will save us 330,000 kilowatt hours.
  • We repurpose buildings for our Primary Care Centers.
  • We send unused medical supplies to third-world nations.
  • We clean condenser coils because we have found we use six to eight percent less electricity if we do so.
  • We have bike racks and many employees car pool.
  • We added a white roof to our nursing home to save electricity.

That is why we people call us their “Green Neighbor”. 

Greener lighting saves Littauer and environment

Energy-saving lights installed at Littauer

June 22, 2014

Leader Herald

GLOVERSVILLE – Thanks to an incentive by National Grid, all the lights in Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home’s parking lots were changed from high pressure sodium to LED, a news release said.

According to the release, the move will save Littauer close to 330,000 kilowatt hours and nearly $70,000 per year. The lights also will save more 175,000 pounds of carbon dioxide gas and greenhouse emissions.

“Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home goes above and beyond just saving energy,” said energy consultant Debra Sickles of Wolberg Electric Supply Company in the release. “I wish other hospitals were doing a fraction of what Littauer is already doing.”

The NLH Engineering Department and its director, David Bruhns, work with electric suppliers, such as Wolberg Electric, Warren Electric, Constellation New Energy and National Grid, with the goal of using electricity wisely, the release said.

Littauer’s other green initiatives include indoor lighting fixture upgrades from 64 to 34 watts; solar-powered, hands-free faucets; LED replacements of fluorescent bulbs and fixtures in corridors and stairwells; and repurposing materials and existing buildings.

“Green initiatives are not just one project; it’s a mindset,” Bruhns said in the release.
Fixtures on all Littauer campuses have been changed over

PHOTO: Electricians with Fulton County Electric install LED lighting in the Nathan Littauer Hospital parking lot.
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Hospital receives high marks for energy use

March 1, 2010

By Jason Subik

The Daily Gazette

NLH cares for Mother Earth, too

Nathan Littauer Hospital has received praise as a health industry “bench mark” for its energy management by an independent auditing firm hired by the New York Power Authority.

Laurence Kelly, Nathan Littauer ‘s president and CEO, said the energy audit was conducted as part of the oversight for his hospital’s participation in the New York Power Authority’s Power for Jobs program, which has given Nathan Littauer approximately $100,000 each year for the last seven years.

The funding is given for implementing energy savings initiatives while increasing employment.

Getzville-based PRES Energy LLC, the auditing firm hired by the Power Authority, examined the hospital’s energy and water use, including its heating and cooling systems, energy management control systems and lighting systems and electrical distribution.

The auditing firm found the energy savings programs at Nathan Littauer on an annual basis have the equivalent environmental impact of removing one car from the road, planting two acres of trees, conserving 12 barrels of crude oil and conserving two tons of coal.

“The Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is one of the most progressive facilities in regards to the management of gas and electricity,” according to the summary of the audit report.

“Many hospitals in the country have neglected their infrastructure and subsequent energy management which has resulted in higher health [costs]. Nathan Littauer is a bench mark for the industry for its innovative approach to all aspects of managing its resources and waste.”

Kelly said he always believed his hospital had taken the right steps to conserve energy, but he didn’t realize where the hospital stood in relation to other hospitals. “We’ve always been working to be greener and save energy costs but you never really know how you’re doing compared to everybody else,” Kelly said. “I think we realize now not everybody is doing what we are doing and we really are further ahead than most.”

Dave Bruhns, Littauer ‘s director of engineering, said that in its audit report PRES Energy made two suggestions for what the hospital could do to further increase its energy efficiency.

PRES Energy suggested they replace boilers in the hospital’s nursing home and upgrade the hospital’s exit signs from incandescent light bulbs to LED technology, which is more energy efficient. “We’re about 80 percent through [installing LED exit signs] anyway, so that’s almost knocked off,and we’re planning on replacing the older boilers at the nursing home that they recommended to us,” he said.

Bruhns said it’s long been the policy of the hospital to purchase energy-efficient equipment whenever old equipment is replaced.

He said little by little the energy savings has been significant and it’s gratifying to receive praise for the effort.

Nathan Littauer Hospital cited as “one of the most progressive facilities” for energy conservation!

Audit regards Nathan Littauer as a benchmark for the entire industry

Gloversville, NY…Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home recently received results of an audit conducted by PRES Energy LLC, which was formally presented to the New York Power Authority. “The results are dramatic.” stated Dave Bruhns, Director of Engineering for Littauer. PRES Energy was engaged by the New York Power Authority and the New York State Governor’s Office to perform energy audits for a representative sample of its business customers. The audit, conducted January 6, 2010, determines cost-effective measures that could be implemented to reduce energy costs and to improve the efficiency of buildings. The results of the audit were announced to Nathan Littauer’s management team today.

The report concludes that Nathan Littauer’s energy maintenance efforts are a benchmark for the health care industry. Laurence E. Kelly Littauer’s President and CEO explains, “Everyday Nathan Littauer strives to care for our patients while reducing our carbon footprint.” He added, “We want to be a good “green” neighbor, not for accolades but because it is intrinsically good for our area. That said, it is certainly exciting to be lauded as an industry leader.”

The thorough audit examined the HVAC system, the heating and cooling systems, the building energy management control systems, electrical distribution and lighting systems and a host of other systems utilized at the hospital. The report concludes by saying:

“The Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is one of the most progressive facilities in regards to the management of gas and electricity. The staff at this hospital has been very forward thinking in its implementation of new projects with respect to future energy saving. Many hospitals in the country have neglected their infrastructure and subsequent energy management which has resulted in higher health acre cost. Nathan Littauer is a benchmark for the industry for its innovative approach to all aspects of managing its resources and waste.”

Littauer’s engineering team plays a key role in our green efforts

Dave Bruhns, Director of Engineering for Littauer reflects, “Our goal is to provide an Environment of Care in support of the hospital’s mission. Being flexible in our approach to projects and day-to-day operations allows us to take advantage of circumstances and opportunities when they arise. The findings of this survey are the measurable results of our efforts.” He concluded, “We have found that by sharing the positive results with staff, we obtain valuable buy-in, and some good ideas for further improvement”.

Congratulations to the people at Nathan Littauer for creating a bold vision and then following through with the hard work necessary to become an industry leader in energy efficiency,” said Congressman Paul Tonko. “This kind of effort provides for a better outcome by cutting the use of energy, saving dollars, reducing the costs of health care, and improving the surrounding community. Nathan Littauer has created an example of what can be accomplished through energy efficiency that will be a model for other hospitals to follow.”

The report also summarizes the hospital’s Environmental Impact. The energy savings realized by Littauer in one year is equivalent to:

  • removing 1 car from the road
  • planting 2 acres of trees
  • conserving 12 barrels of crude oil
  • conserving 2 tons of coal.

In April of 2009, Littauer embarked on a hospital-wide green effort in an effort to reduce energy use and waste at Littauer. Congressman Tonko came to the hospital to see first hand the hospital’s energy reducing efforts. “We are obviously doing the right things.” stated Mr. Kelly, adding “But we are not done yet.”


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The engineering team at Littauer is a key factor in the hospital’s green efforts.