Nurturing Young Minds: Johnstown Teachers’ Association Donates to Littauer Birthing Center

Nurturing Young Minds: Johnstown Teachers’ Association Donates to Littauer Birthing Center

Fostering Early Literacy Skills

GLOVERSVILLE, NY Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home’s Birthing Center received a donation from the Johnstown Teachers’ Association (JTA), Tuesday, May 9. JTA members Stephanie Di Visconti and Alaina Stokna, coordinated the donation with Nathan Littauer Birthing Center Manager Maureen Mosher. “We want our students to be amazing readers, and it starts at the infant stages,” said Di Visconti. “We were completing our annual drive, and we always think to support our community’s hospital.”

Recognizing the vital role that early literacy plays in a child’s cognitive and educational growth, the Johnstown Teachers’ Association embarked on a mission to provide valuable resources to Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Birthing Center. Through this donation, they will help to cultivate a nurturing environment that fosters early literacy skills and helps establish a strong foundation for future learning in those born at Littauer.

From left: Nathan Littauer Birthing Center Manager Maureen Mosher; JTA member Stephanie Di Visconti; Littauer Birthing Center Nurses Lindsay Barter, Gina Lachmayer, and Robbien Quill; and JTA member Alaina Stokna.


The collection of literature generously donated by the JTA encompasses a wide range of age-appropriate books, including picture books, interactive storybooks, and educational materials. These engaging and imaginative works of literature are carefully selected to captivate the minds of young readers and ignite a love for reading from an early age.

The JTA typically donates to Nathan Littauer’s Birthing Center annually. The JTA raised more than $200 of works of literature for parents to read to their infants, as well as helpful tips to encourage reading to them. The JTA’s donation will work to help promote the development of the necessary skill of reading in children. “We want our children to love books, and we look at this is an investment in the future of our community,” adds Di Visconti.

“We thank the JTA for their efforts in empowering parents to promote early literacy experience for their little ones,” says Mosher. “We’re so appreciative of the JTA’s yearly donation of ‘Books for Babies.’ Our mothers are also incredibly thankful to receive them. This is a perfect example of our community giving back and the investment in our future generations.”


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