Littauer’s Foundation Announces Annual Golf Tournament

Littauer’s Foundation Announces Annual Golf Tournament

The 2019 Adirondack Challenge will take place July 12, 2019

GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK  – The Nathan Littauer Foundation is releasing details of The 2019 Adirondack Challenge, a golf tournament supporting the hospital’s mission for improved access to world-class healthcare. “This event celebrates the Hamilton County area’s support of Littauer services in the North County. Without our Primary Care Center in Speculator many people would have no access to safe, affordable and convenient healthcare,” stated Geoff Peck, Executive Director of the Foundation. He added, “We look forward to this event every year and it also happens to be a really fun day of golf.”

“We always receive a very warm welcome from Mike O’Rourke and the staff at the Lake Pleasant Golf Course”, stated Kelly Colby, the Foundation Coordinator. She explained, “This golf tournament is now in its 16th year and many community supporters join us at the links or for lunch or both. I consider these people old friends.”

The golf tournament will be held July 12, 2019 at the Lake Pleasant Golf Club. The shotgun start is at 8:00 am and teams will play a “Scrambled” scrambled format. The cost is $110 per person and includes: 18 holes of golf, golf cart, breakfast, on-course food and drinks, prizes and lunch at the Inn at Speculator. Golfers will compete in two divisions: up to age 65 and 65 and over. Foursomes are welcome to join or single golfers and couples will be teamed up with a foursome.

As our thank-you gift this year each player may choose either a complementary round of golf at Hales Mills Country Club or a round of golf with a cart at Lake Pleasant Golf Course.

Golfers enjoy a round of golf for a great cause.

“Those who would like to enjoy an inspired lunch at the Inn at Speculator can join us at $50 per person,” explained Colby. She added, “And as always, all levels of sponsorships are still available.”

The Adirondack Challenge will benefit continued growth and upgrades to Nathan Littauer Hospital’s Primary/Specialty Care network. “We are asking for support to bring a new Medical Arts Building on the Littauer Hospital campus to fruition,” explained Mr. Peck. “Our community needs improved access to world-class medical care. This 12,000 square-foot facility will greatly increase the ease and efficiency of our patients’ primary care experience.”

People of all ages are encouraged to join the hospital for a day of golf by preregistering with Kelly Colby at 518-773-5505 or by emailing the Foundation at

To make a gift in support of Nathan Littauer Hospital, visit or contact Kelly Colby, at 518-773-5505, or by emailing us at



About Nathan Littauer

Nathan Littauer Hospital and Nursing Home is a full-service, 74 bed acute care hospital with an 84 bed skilled nursing home. Since 1894, Nathan Littauer has provided safe, high-quality health and wellness services with a focus on securing appropriate new technologies for people residing in Upstate New York. Over the years, the hospital has expanded its services in order to offer health are that is comprehensive, accessible, and relevant to the needs of the communities they serve. More information can be found by visiting

Littauer together with Martin’s Point Health Care bring low-cost options to Veterans

GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK (March 15, 2017) – Nathan Littauer Hospital & Nursing Home is proud to announce their partnership with Martin’s Point Health Care, now offering US Family Health Plan, a TRICARE Prime option available to eligible military beneficiaries.

“This is great news for our dedicated military families,” said Cheryl McGrattan, Littauer VP of Marketing and Communications. “I’m happy to say Littauer, together with Martin’s Point is now offering a high-quality, affordable option for our deserving Veterans in the Fulton County area.”

US Army Captain and Littauer nurse anesthetist  Joseph Dutcher, CRNA, with family

US Army Captain and Littauer nurse anesthetist Joseph Dutcher, CRNA, with family

The Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan is a highly rated TRICARE Prime® plan for active-duty family members and military retirees and their families (to age 65).

“This makes sense for Littauer because we cover such a wide geography in Fulton County with eight primary & specialty care centers throughout, one in Hamilton County and one soon to open in Montgomery County,” added McGrattan. “This offers complete and convenient coverage to local military and their families close to home.”

“We offer excellent benefits at no or low cost and a wide network of civilian doctors in our area,” said Martin’s Point Health Benefits Specialist, Keith Prairie, NC1, USN (Ret.) “Members can rest easy knowing they’ve made a confident decision along with 46,000 others.”

TRICARE Prime is a “managed care” health plan with a network of local, civilian health care providers and facilities. Members choose a network primary care provider (PCP) who provides most of their care and coordinates referrals to specialists and hospitals. Benefits include coverage for routine doctor visits, specialty care, hospitalizations, urgent and emergent care, preventive health care services and prescriptions. Covered services that are provided by network PCPs, specialists, and health care facilities are covered at no or low cost. (The US Family Health Plan also has a Point of Service option that allows members to seek care outside the network, but at higher cost.)

With the Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan, Veterans get complete coverage with many extras, including:

  • No enrollment fees for active-duty family members; low TRICARE Prime enrollment fees for retirees and their families
  • No deductibles or cost shares for preventive services in network
  • Large network of civilian doctors in your community
  • Value-added services like discounts for eyewear, hearing aids, and fitness centers
  • Easy referrals to specialists—your primary care provider will handle the paperwork
  • Annual physicals, laboratory tests, prenatal and postnatal maternity care at no additional cost
  • Excellent health care and customer service

Please join us on April 6 for a one-on-one seminar with Keith Prairie, NC1, USN (Ret.) of Martin’s point Health Care at the Johnstown Holiday Inn. Appointments are available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call 1-888-241-4556 to schedule an appointment.

Sen. Schumer visits the NLH Speculator Primary & Specialty Care Center

Schumer’s visit to Speculator focuses on rural health care
August 16, 2014

SPECULATOR – Nathan Littauer Primary Care Center’s waiting room was filled as U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer visited with health and municipal officials on Friday afternoon, Aug. 15.

The visit by Schumer, D-N.Y., was his second to the region this week. He spoke with representatives of Hamilton County, Speculator and Lake Pleasant as well as Nathan Littauer Hospital and Hudson Headwaters Health Network about local issues.

Laurence Kelly, chief executive officer at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, and Dr. John Rugge, CEO for Hudson Headwaters Health Network, the Queensbury-based health network, spoke with Schumer about some of the difficulties of providing health care in a rural county with a low population like Hamilton County.

Rugge said there are no pharmacies within the county. For Speculator residents, the closest is in Northville, a half-hour away.

Bill Farber, Hamilton County Board of Supervisors chairman and Morehouse town supervisor, said there were more hardware stores in the county than pharmacies.

Schumer told Kelly he is co-sponsoring a bill that would increase the number of residencies for primary care doctors. Schumer said it would create about 15,000 new residencies, with half of them being general residencies.

“There is a shortage of residences,. There are interns who can’t find residencies,” Schumer said.
“That’s the kind of doctor we need in a place like this,” Kelly said. “Doing lots of things rather than a narrow specialty.”

Farber said Hamilton County offers mental health services, certified home health agency and drug and alcohol services for residents.

“We need to figure out how to maintain this integrated system,” Farber said. “If you think about it, we are really a microcosm of the healthcare system.”

Rugge said not many doctors want to go out into civil practice any more.

Schumer asked about the chances of a retiring local doctor being able to find a replacement.
Kelly said he thinks Schumer understands issues the health care industry is facing and what members of his constituency are facing going forward.

Neil McGovern, Lake Pleasant’s town supervisor, said he was pleased to see Schumer making another visit to the area.

“It is always productive to have a United States senator come when there are issues [that are unique]. Most of our funding for local government are an amalgam of both state and federal [funding]. If the federal reps aren’t here and don’t touch down, they never have any scale or any idea what we are facing on that level,” McGovern said.

PHOTO: Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., left, greets Nathan Littauer Hospital CEO Laurence Kelly, right, on Friday, Aug. 15.  The Leader-Herald/Arthur Cleveland